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May 31-June 1, Los Angeles
                 The American Board of Certified Haircolorists
Featured Educator,  Deborah McCann
       "Foil Placement Exposed"

The placement and the resulting effects has mystified haircolorists for years.  If you are one who has difficulty understanding how your foils can give you the effect)(s) you are looking for, this class is for you.  Deborah breaks down the entire spectrum.  It not beginning foiling verses advanced foiling, it is knowing and understanding what you are doing when it comes to foil placement.  Deborah has a way of breaking down all elements of foiling in a clear understanding methodology.  She is a wonderful educator, one you will throughly enjoy.  The best part is you have the opportunity to do what she taught you before you leave the classroom.  This is a hands on class.  Only 30 people can take this class, Hurry!!
Featured Educator,     Mary Petillo
The ABC's of ABCH

    Mary Petillo was so taken at how much the American Board of Certified Haircolorists program did for her haircoloring career, and how the knowledge she gained gave her the confidence she needed to make her haircolor business flourish It is this success that led her to want to teach this class.  This class will help others like it helped her.
    The ABC's of ABCH is a class that gives an overview of the ABCH curriculum.  Mary will cover what she considers to be the most important elements of the ABCH curriculum.  Those are: "The porosity grading system".  Determining the degree of damage the hair has. Whether it be from perms, the elements bleach of haircolor.  It is important we learn to define the damage.  Understanding "The categories of natural haircoloring".  "The hair is our palette" says Mary, "What can be more inportant than to be able to anticapte the undertones.  We have been coloring hair for over 50 years and this is the first time anyone has taken the time to define this very important element of haircoloring".  And lastly "The gray card rule" What a great help this is in determining the depth of color to use on virgin gray hair.  All of these subjects can be learned in one information filled class.  Don't miss this class.  You'll love Mary.  


Andre Nizetich
As president of the ABCH we take pride in providing the best generic education available.  There are classes for all levels of haircolorist.  Click the link below and view all of the is different classes you can take. Don't wait classes fill up early.  Go to
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