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Issue No. 2

May, 2011

In This Issue:
Devastating Natural Disasters in 2011
An Interview with Johnny Little
The Importance of Access

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280 Acres Hinds County


Scotland Hunting Club - 1900 Acres Big Black River, Yazoo County, MS  

310 Acres Hinds County, MS


49 Acres Madison County


217 Acres Madison County 



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Melody Golding's wonderfully entertaining new book with exceptional photography of wild boar hunting in the Mississippi Delta



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Spring has sprung! Turkey season is over (we're sad to say...but we're also somewhat relieved). The trees are now full of foliage, grass is growing and it is probably time to visit an allergist.'s also a great time to place land on the market and show it to potential buyers. On the other hand if you are thinking about buying land, it is a great time to look at property before the sweltering temperatures of summer arrive.


Whether you own land and want to sell, or are contemplating a purchase, consider taking the first step now. Larry Smith-Vaniz Realty is focused on land.  Land is what we do.  Please visit to learn more about our land brokerage services and then give us a call to discuss your specific property needs. 


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Our Thoughts and Prayers...
Devastating Natural Disasters affect Mississippians in 2011 
Delta Flood Map
U.S. Corps of Engineers Yazoo River Backwater Flood Map - Lower Delta


Our thoughts and prayers go out to the thousands of families impacted by the recent wave of tornados and to those folks in the Mississippi Delta who will be impacted by historic flooding not seen before in most of our lifetimes. Hundreds of people have been killed and homes and property destroyed by tornados. The mighty Mississippi River and its tributaries are swelling to levels not seen in almost one hundred years.


It appears that hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in the Mississippi Delta will be inundated by the massive flooding. In our immediate area Yazoo River backwater flooding will severely impact Humphreys, Issaquena, Sharkey, Warren and Yazoo Counties.  Crops and property will be destroyed and farm families, employees, vendors and many others will be severely impacted for months and years to come.


Prayer is our most powerful tool. Please make it a point to keep the people who have been and will be impacted by these natural disasters in your thoughts and prayers.


Beaver Control Basics
An Interview With Johnny Little
Professional Trapper & Beaver Management Expert
Johnny Little


Clearing beaver dams does absolutely no good if the beaver colony and lodge are allowed to remain in place. Novice trappers are capable of trapping a few beavers, but if one beaver remains on the property, it will easily and quickly rebuild a dam. 


A beaver's ability to drastically change landscape is surpassed only by humans. Many properties with ponds, lakes, ditches, streams or canals need regular monitoring throughout the year for signs of beaver activity because young beavers are always moving into new territory. Click to read more...


How Important is Access?

It is Critical!


In our first issue of Larry Smith-Vaniz Realty Land & Hunting Reports, we mentioned several "consideration issues" one might want to think about during the process of deciding whether to buy land and in determining what specific tract to buy. "Location" was mentioned first, and somewhere down in the list was "access".


Practically all real estate savvy people, if asked what the most important consideration should be when considering a land purchase, will tell you "location, location, location"!  As a general rule we agree, but what's next?  Title?  Size?  Purchase Price?  Operating Costs?  Topography?  Access?  And the list goes on.  All of the above are important, but in this article we are going to consider "access".


What is access? The term generally refers to rights of ingress (the legal right to enter a property) and egress (the legal right to leave a property) through the property of another person. Click to read more...


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