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Issue No. 1

February, 2011

Featured listings:


Three Oaks Farm - 1000 acres Preeminent Duck & Deer Hunting 

MS Delta


 350 Acres Holly Bluff, Yazoo County

 "All Mallards" 


 280 Acres Satartia, Yazoo County Secluded Duck & Deer Hunting Tract


49 Acres Madison County

Weekend Piddler's Retreat  


217 Acres Madison County 

Prime Turkey Habitat 




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Greetings and welcome to the first issue of "News from Larry Smith-Vaniz Realty...Land & Hunting Reports".  We hope you will find the information we're providing to be relative regarding land you currently own, or useful to you in connection with a pending or potential land purchase.


If you are looking for land to purchase, now is an ideal time to see how property looks during winter and early spring seasons.  Nothing is left to the imagination when the trees are void of foliage, so it's a great time to get out and look for that "perfect property".


Land has historically been a wonderful investment, and prices in this sector of the real estate market have held steady through-out the recent recession.  We do anticipate that prices will soon begin rising again, so it's time to consider buying rural land for recreational use, timber and / or general investment purposes.


If you are considering buying or selling land please contact us.  "Hunting land is what we do"!



Larry Smith-Vaniz                         Cole DeLong

Owner / Broker                             Broker Associate

I Have Decided to Buy a Hunting Tract of My Own... Now What?
flooded duck hole

Important Issues Buyers Need to Consider


When an individual or group decides to buy a tract  of land, there are numerous issues which need to be considered.  We are unable to address them all in this brief article, but will give a short  list of a few things a potential buyer might want to consider.  Some of the important issues are as follows... 

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Turkey Tactics with Albert Paul
Helpful Hints for Hunters New to The Game
Albert Paul Photo

Turkey hunting is all about the "2 P's...patience and persistence".  It  is almost impossible to "run and gun" turkeys, so go to areas in the woods where you know there are turkeys, sit still, wait and be patient. Successful turkey hunters are persistent, and spend a lot of time in the woods.


Talking to turkeys is a lot like talking to your wife.  If you yell, nothing gets accomplished.  If you talk sweet, she may listen to you. It is the same with turkeys. When you talk sweet and call softly, they may listen and cooperate with you.  click to read more.. 


Spring & Summer Food Plots
Halford 3

Off-Season Nutrition Critical For Deer 


In central Mississippi, duck season ended on January 30, 2011, and deer season ended a day later. Other than hunting squirrel or rabbit, what do I do now?



Options are:  A) pull out the turkey calls and start practicing; B) get the fishing gear ready C) find your golf clubs and get them cleaned up. Another option is to consider planting spring and summer food plots.  click to read more


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