• Can increase page clicks and views
  • Makes visitors aware of every section of your website
  • Saves visitors time
  • Saves visitors having to click on your sitemap page
  • Enhances design
 actinic sitemap footer

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Actinic Sitemap Footer 
Just Launched 

Sitemap Footer for Actinic organises the footer area of your website to enhance usability, helping both visitors and search engine spiders to find information about your website easily.


Actinic Sitemap Footer

Easy To Install :: Clean Column Layout :: Automatically Updates As You Create, Remove or Edit Sections and Sub Sections :: Easily Change The Font Size & Colour :: Easily Set The Number Of Columns :: Easily Set The Background Colour or Use Over An Image
Only 35.00 +VAT


Keep your visitors interested and increases visitor duration

Your visitors won't read everything on the page, they scroll and scan. The footer is probably the last place they look before exiting. Placing a sitemap in the footer may attract readers' attention and increase the time they spend on your site. The more time they spend on your website the more chance you have to sell.

Make sure your visitors are aware of the content of your site

Your visitors might not look at your sitemap page, having the sitemap in the footer will help ensure that your visitors are aware of every page at a glance.


Make things easy for your visitors

Including a sitemap in the footer allows your visitors to quickly jump from page to page. You save the visitors time and also enhance the visual appearance and size of your website.

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*Remote Installation is available at a cost of 30.00 +VAT ::  ** One Free Support Credit does not cover installation support, additional support credits or remote installation is available at additional cost and can be purchased via our website client support centre