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Jim Ethier, Bush Beans & 

Phil Clemens, Clemens Family Corporation

"Innovating your Family Business" - May Forum


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2011 Theme: Cultivating Innovation 


September 22 Forum at Martin Guitar!
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Chris, Diane, Claire

... & Max


Learn how Chris Martin, G6 Chairman/CEO, Martin Guitar, is building on the best parts of his legacy & preparing for another generation of success! Chris will host our Learning Community with tours of the plant, the Museum, and breakfast!



Family Business Forum

November 17, 2011

BRK Celebration


The Kreider Family,  

B.R. Kreider & Son, Inc., Manheim, PA, a G4 excavating, paving and site management contractor. 



Welcome New Learning Community Members!
Ross Born


Welcome to Ross Born and David Shaffer, G3 Co-CEO's of Just Born, Inc., a world famous candy manufacturer located in Bethlehem, PA.


Started in 1910 when Sam Born emigrated from Russia, Just Born, Inc. employs more than 500 associates and markets their candy in more than 35 countries! All Just Born candies are manufactured in the U.S.


Ross was the featured speaker at our 7th Annual Family Business Dinner Meeting last year!


Kathy Moore, EminentWelcome to Kathy Moore and The Eminent Group, Inc., Horsham, PA. The Eminent Group is a software consulting group, specializing in providing unmatched service and consulting to clients implementing Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) applications.


Hoober FamilyWelcome to the Hoober family of Hoober, Inc., Intercourse, PA.  Hoober, Inc., a G3 farm implement dealer, serving the Northeast with farm, construction and landscaping equipment since 1941.David Presti


Presti Group/PARIS Technologies Group, Inc., Doylestown, PA, is a G2 software and analytical applications and decision support systems company. David Presti, President, pictured on right.



P.W. Essig Plumbing and Heating, Reading, PA, is BSteve Essigerks County's plumbing experts, providing over 70 years of service for residential plumbing, repairs and maintenance. Steve Essig, G3 General Manager, participated in our May Forum.

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President's Corner, Henry Landes


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Learning Community Corner,

Sally Derstine

Recommended Reading

Danco Book Beyond Survival:

A Guide for Business Owners and Their Families by Leon Danco. 



Recommended Reading

Hughes BookFamily: The Compact Among Generations


James E Hughes, Jr.



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May Forum Highlights

112 Jim Ethier

Thanks to our speakers - Jim Ethier and Phil Clemens - for sharing their family business journeys and learnings with us.


Jim Ethier, G3 Chair of Bush Brothers, Inc., shared Danco's "12 commandments" that every family business owner should follow. These helped guide their transitions including the development of a Family Senate and Bush University.  


 112 Phil Clemens

Phil Clemens, G3 Chair of The Clemens Family Corporation, challenged us that direction, not intention, determines destination.

He shared on the hard work of moving from a family business to a business family.


Here are several Learning Community Members' comments/take-aways:


  • Both Clemens and Ethier showed how strong family CEO's can make this change, but it takes several years & forces the family to
    112 Group

    During the "Community Conversation"

    session, Jim and Phil respond

    to Member questions.

    face some tough issues.
  • The question and answer period was equally as beneficial.


  • Top notch speakers who had the courage to be REAL. I received a much needed "fresh jolt" about the journey from family business to business family that reminded me of the first few years we worked with DVFBC.

Celebrating Learning Community Progress!


Heather ChandlerHeather Chandler, Learning Community member since 1995 and President of Sealstrip Corporation, Gilbertsville, PA, was honored as a Philadelphia SmartCEO 2011 Brava! Women Business Achievement Awards winner!


Heather was recognized for her leadership at Sealstrip Corporation, her 10 year commitment to the board of Montgomery Early Learning Center, and to the Board of Directors of the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce. Over 250 nominations were submitted and a selection committee of area business leaders was tasked with choosing the top 25. Congrats, Heather!!


PresidentsCornerPresident's Corner - Henry Landes

The Importance of "Grand" Parents

Grandkids 2011

Josh, Brielle & Drew

Like many of you, our family enjoyed vacation time together this summer with our three "grand" children (see photo below).  Another highlight was a meeting last week in Denver with family business advisor colleagues in Kaleo, a national peer group which meets three times annually.  Kaleo includes John A. Warnick, who has given permission to share the piece below on the importance of "Grand" parents, originally posted on his Seedlings blog.


Age 13...Grandparents Connecting at a Certain Stage of Life


"Nobody can do for children what grandparents do.

Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of grandchildren"

-paraphrasing a quote from Alex Haley, author of Roots


Read entire article.

LCDirectorLearning Community Corner - Sally Derstine

Sally, Cropped

A Beginner's Mind and Seventh-Generation Thinking


Last month I had the privilege of traveling to Denver to participate in a collaborative conference which included family business advisors from around the country. One of the highlights for me was a presentation and discussion with family philosopher, James E. Hughes, Jr., a 6th generation recovering attorney. Hughes shared from his deep reservoir of experience as a counselor to "families of affinity."


What can families do to thrive for generations? Through his work and research, Hughes asserts developing human and intellectual capital in families is a precondition for the continued development of financial capital.   And that the family's work really boils down to one thing: Does the family have a joint decision making process, and does it work? Unfortunately, over 80% of families fail in one or both of these areas.


Hughes encourages families to adopt a "beginner's mind" and "seventh-generation thinking." When we embrace a beginner's mind, we remain open to possibilities, we're curious, we seek to discover opportunities together. We begin in an apprentice stage to practice and hone new skills. The journey of discovery itself becomes exciting without worrying about the outcome.


Hughes' "seventh-generation thinking" comes from an Iroquois tribe tradition when the elders approach joint decision-making with the hope that what they decide today will honor 7 generations (125 years) in the future, just as they seek to remember the blessings of the generations before them. This is a reminder that building a family for long-term success requires vision far beyond any individual's lifetime.   To learn more, I recommend for your reading Hughes' Family: The Compact Among Generations.


Join us at the September 22 Forum when Chris Martin, the 6th generation CEO of Martin Guitar, will both look back ... over 170 years ... and forward to how they're building on their remarkable legacy. Tour the Martin Guitar Museum and the Martin Factory to view firsthand the making of the iconic Martin guitar.


And consider ... how can your business family adopt the practices of a "beginner's mind" and "seventh-generation thinking"? What would that look like?

Founded in 1988, the Delaware Valley Family Business Center is a family business advisory firm which prepares business families for generations of success.  As the premier Family Business Center in the Philadelphia area, we have served over 600 business families.  Our intergenerational team-building process, "The Lasting Legacy Process™" provides the direction, confidence and tools to grow robust enterprises, develop competent leaders and strengthen family relationships.  For more information on preparing for generations of success or to register for an upcoming event, please contact Sally Derstine at (215) 723-8413 or click here to email.