April 2011

111 Table Discussion

Members brainstorm during the Strategic Culture Workshop at the March Forum 


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2011 Theme: Cultivating Innovation 

April 19 Mini-Forum:MF112 Logo

Stop Selling - Start Helping - Innovative Ways to Create Clients for Life

8:45 - 11:00 a.m.


We invite you to participate in a conversation about everyone's favorite topic -- selling! Actually, this Mini-Forum will focus on how to build long-lasting clients by helping (not selling) first. L&A will share some of the key success factors that will help you innovate your approach to selling.  Mark, Chad, & Maura will share more about the sales model, culture, and process they've created and how to implement an effective client engagement approach.


And who better to present than the 2011 Benefits Selling Broker of the Year, Mark Lacher! Click here for more information... Congrats, Mark!! 


Family Business Learning Community Members since 2003, Chad and Mark are sibling partners who transitioned company ownership in a way that honored their father/founder as well as the integrity of the family business.


Lacher & Associates


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Join us to hear from Jim Ethier, G3

Chairman and CEO, Bush's Beans, Knoxville, TN.

Jim will share how their "Failed Tomato Cannery" evolved and grew into an iconic brand, discuss the importance of the development of an outside board of directors and give a glimpse into the Bush Brothers family and management development process.



Martin Guitar will host our Learning Community with tours of the plant, the Museum, and breakfast! 

Learn from Chris Martin, G6 Chairman/CEO.

Recommended Reading

BSFBB Book CoverBuilding a Successful Family Business Board:  A Guide for Leaders, Directors, and Families

by Pendergast, Ward and Brun de Pontet. 


Boards of directors can help businesses succeed-yet many family businesses do not have functioning boards of directors that play a valuable role in providing oversight to their businesses.  The book provides best practices for owners and directors with step-by-step guidelines for developing and managing a board-from writing the initial prospectus, through conducting lively meetings, to maintaining open, honest communication between owners, directors, family members, and other stakeholders in the firm.


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Forum Review

Thanks to our presenters - Jeff Westphal, Diane Connor & Kevin Connor, and Mario Vicari - for a morning of thought-provoking discussion on the topic:


111 Group from ForumTransforming Company Culture while Accelerating Innovation


Jeff's candid and refreshing discussion on company culture challenged each family business to review the alignment of their strategy and their culture, take a hard look at what you as a leader bring to the table, and gain the experience and accountability of an outside board of directors.

Click here for a Philadelphia Business Journal recently released profile on Jeff Westphal!


Mario's challenge was to identify healthy profits by using the "whale" curve, while Kevin and Diane made it clear that your family business branding should reflect what is in the heart of your organization.


Here are two Learning Community Members' comments/take-aways:
111 FBLC

Members, guests and sponsors join

in the discussion!

  • Get the families of all the partners involved, in a purposeful and open manner, and develop a long term, ongoing way to keep communication open for all family members.
  • I was particularly intrigued by Jeff's thoughts on working backwards to determine what kind of company culture is necessary to achieve the business goals.


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