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                       June 2010
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Jan Graybill 2010Join us for our June 8 Mini-Forum:
How do you and your children prepare to make financial decisions?

Today's complex financial services market offers consumers a vast array of products and providers to meet their financial needs which can be confusing.
Chad Lacher PSD
Jan Graybill and Chad Lacher will be your "choice architects" for a morning and help you and your families become better decision makers around financial issues.
July 15 Mini-Forum: Chuck Kedra Zoom
Are you certain you have named the correct beneficiary on your retirement plan?  Are retirement plans the most economical way to accumulate dollars for retirement?  Are retirement plans an efficient method of leaving assets to your children?  Should you defer withdrawals until you are required to take them?
 Jon Samel zoom
Chuck Kedra, CFP, AIF, Legacy Planning Partners,  and attorney Jon Samel, Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, will walk you through the complexity surrounding retirement and estate planning. 
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CalendarHighlights from our May 20 Forum  
102 BalmersDr. John Fast, author of The Family Business Doctor, shared strategies, tools, and stories on how successful business families "lead from the heart", noting practical illustrations of how our hearts and our brains are connected and choices we can make to improve our performance and our relationships.   
102 GroupMark Lacher, Lacher & Associates, Inc., and Greg Ash, Able Design, Inc., shared compelling data and stories on the value of including social media in our business strategies.
Mario Vicari, Kreischer Miller, provided clarity on strategies to help successful firms retain and grow their success.  
Member Linda Weaver, Triangle Refrigeration Co., shared one of her takeaways from the morning was learning the "biggest problem in family business is lack of appreciation.  It really made me aware to affirm our children, and all employees in the business".
Celebrating Learning Community Progress
Member Progress
Despite the challenging economy, PrintMail Systems, Inc., of Newtown, PA, are thriving!  Sales are up, and they continue to grow, recently hiring a CFO and Director of Marketing. PrintMail Systems specializes in outsourced printing and mailing of financial statements.  Congrats to the Reilly and Abir families!
Member ProgressShady Maple Logo
Shady Maple, Family Business Learning Community member since 1995, broke their record of serving 10,400 people in one day on Valentine's Day in 2009 by serving 11,032 people on May 8, 2010 (the day before Mother's Day)!
Congratulations to the Weaver family and the Shady Maple team!
Welcome New Learning Community Member!
Rick & Joyce Haller Family 
Haller Family
Welcome to Rick & Joyce Haller Family, Fouders, Haller Enterprises, Lititz, PA.
Haller Enterprises, founded in 1981, provides installation, replacement and repair needs in plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical and water conditioning.
Read Haller's Newsletter                 
Please contact Sally if you would like to learn more about how our Family Business Learning Community can help your business family prepare for another generation of success! 
News from the Family Business Center
Learning Community Director - Sally Derstine
 Sally Derstine 2010 
Do you sometimes feel like your brain isn't working properly ... like it's been fried?  Dr. John Fast shared at our May Forum that the Blackberry may be part of the problem.  According to recent research, allowing our attention to be continually distracted by our cell phones uses 15% of our pre-frontal cortex (our mental sketch pad, our braking system) ... the same percentage that is used when one is high on marijuana! 
View our profile on LinkedInI welcome your comments on this or other topics you'd like to discuss on our LinkedIn Family Business Learning Community.
President's Corner - Henry Landes 
 Henry Landes 2010 

We all celebrated Mother's Day last month, but our family also had a special time of celebration as my mother turned 91!  My mother, Anna Landes, like many of your mothers, was a very integral part of generation two of our family business, I. T. Landes & Son, which now includes members of the fifth generation.  While my father, Henry, ran the "outside" part of the business, my mother was responsible for the in-the-house office.  She understands the natural complexity of business families; she was able to gracefully transition the office responsibilities from her mother-in-law, who played a critical role in founding the business.  She continued to work in the business until her mid 70s and supported the many changes required in a growing business during her 50 years of service. 


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News from the Family Business Center
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading

Wealth in Families
by Charles W. Collier
With over 25 years in working with wealthy (and very intelligent) families, Charles Collier brings together the meaning of money, the psychology of wealth in families, and finance, including but not limited to giving.
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