Welcome to the September issue of the Geary Gallery Guide.
It’s back-to-school time, and it’s also time to start thinking about some projects you may have been putting off this summer. Come in and see us if you’d like to finally frame that graduation diploma. Or, if you want to get a start on your holiday gift-giving, check out our new custom portrait service below.

September at the Gallery is all about realism. We’re proud to show Massachusetts native Neil McAuliffe’s beautiful paintings of Cape Cod and Bermuda. Also on display are incredible decoy carvings by nationally renowned decoy carver, Kevin Kerrigan.

After the rush of getting the kids ready and off to school, we invite you to Geary Gallery to relax and have some cultural "me" time while you view the beautiful exhibit we have going on this September. We look forward to seeing you at this "Education in Realism."


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"Click It for Cassie" Softball Tournament
Thank you to all who came out for this year’s tournament. The turn-out was great, and we doubled what we did the first year! We are truly blessed to have so much support, and a special thanks to those that worked so hard to help us plan and work the event, and provided all of the donated goods! All proceeds went to the Click It for Cassie Foundation.

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Featured Artist, September
Neil McAuliffe, New England Realist

Cornwall Covered BridgeOriginally from Cape Cod, McAuliffe is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art. Since graduation, he has worked steadily as an artist. In 1991 at the age of 28, McAuliffe was commissioned to paint a series of aerial scenes of the villages of Hyannisport and Osterville, Ma., Harvard University, Augusta National Golf Club and Pebble Beach Golf Links.

McAuliffe’s paintings capture the beauty of daily life on Cape Cod. His subjects are common landmarks and favorite scenes he discovered while exploring back roads. Sometimes he will revisit a location and capture it at different times of the day or a different season.

McAuliffe also finds inspiration in the Carribbean, where he has painted the endless beauty of Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Key West. His commissioned work there include Sandals Resorts, Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee Co. and Caribbean Utilities Inc.

McAuliffe is working exclusively in oils. On his style, McAuliffe explains, "I'm a self-taught painter working in the realistic style, but my intent is not photorealism. Detail in painting is important but the final product should look like a painting. I’ve drawn and painted all my life and look forward to a lifetime of creating art for people to enjoy."

To view Neil’s work, visit his online gallery.
To learn more about him, read his biography.

Featured Carver, September
Kevin Kerrigan, Renowned Decoy Carver

Buffalo HeadFor more than 35 years, Kevin J. Kerrigan has specialized in the art of hand-carving and painting precise reproductions of antique waterfowl decoys.

Kerrigan creates precise replicas of the much-sought-after works of the last generation of master decoy carvers, including Elmer Crowell, Shang Wheeler, Lem Dudley, Ward Brothers and Joe Lincoln.

Kerrigan came under the tutelage of the late Ralph Morrell, distinguished Zoologist Emeritus at the Peabody Museum in New Haven. Morrell, a long-time friend of master decoy carver Shang Wheeler, inspired Kerrigan's interest in decoy carving and helped develop his unfaltering sense of accuracy and aestheticism.

Kerrigan and Morrell subsequently collaborated on many projects that included detail paintings for the Peabody Museum, the Museum of Natural History and The Smithsonian Institute. An avid sportsman and naturalist, Kerrigan’s carvings have graced the covers of Orvis catalogs.

To view Kevin’s carvings, visit his online gallery.
To learn more about him, read his biography.

We cordially invite you for "An Education in Realism" at The Geary Gallery of Fairfield County, CT featuring the breathtaking New England scenes of Neil McAuliffe plus the decoy carvings of Kevin Kerrigan. The exhibit runs from September 1 – September 30, 2011. Admission is free, paintings and decoys are available for acquisition. Geary Gallery is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is located at 576 Boston Post Road, Darien, CT 06820. Visit our website at www.gearygallery.com for more information or call (203) 655-6633.

Geary Gallery is Fairfield County’s pre-eminent resource for the representational art lover and collector. Its proprietors, Tom and Anne Geary are more than art dealers. They are friends to artists, spotting talent and market appeal, nurturing careers, and giving visitors the opportunity to “discover” new artists, as well as enjoy well-known East Coast artists. In addition, Geary’s extensive selection of more than 2,000 corner samples combined with their expert master framing techniques attract artists and collectors from all over the country. Geary’s oil painting and frame restoration services are renowned, and projects appear in leading museums, auction houses and historical societies.