The Geary Gallery Guide, October 2010 Issue

Welcome to the October issue of Geary’s Guide.
In this issue we announce one of the most exciting events in Fairfield County this Fall. We’ll welcome Peter Max and his iconic paintings in November (see below for details). As his exhibitions in the NY tri-state area are rare, we’re thrilled to have this chance to bring him to our own community!

Our October exhibits feature wildlife and nature oil painter, David Jones, and Kevin J. Kerrigan, a nationally renowned decoy carver. We’re sure you’ll agree that both artists' works are perfect for the change in season, and warrant a visit to the gallery this Fall.

All events are free of charge and we hope to see you at the gallery soon!

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Egret by David JonesFeatured Artist, October
David Jones, Nature and Wildlife Painter

This October, the Geary Gallery is excited to show the exquisite paintings of David Jones. With an almost scientific precision, he has been rendering portraits of wildlife and nature for more than 20 years. The geese, swans, roosters, and sheep that he paints truly have a life-like quality, and David attributes this to his thoughts before and during the painting process rather than actual techniques he employs. He often makes up stories or situations about the various animals, which gives them distinct expressions and personalities.

David explains, “I like animals and have always been a birder so animals are natural models for my art work. I like to make up stories or situations when I paint animals — literally attempting to paint a personality into them. I can’t very well paint personalities into still lifes, florals, or landscapes. When these are my subjects, I’m interested in the interplay of light and shadows. Flower petals are ideal models for capturing this interplay of light, but other subjects work as well such as fruit, roof lines, fences, trees, porches, windows — almost anything that can catch this fascinating interplay of light and shadows.”

David currently resides in Hagerstown, Maryland. He has studied photography and painting, but attributes his education to a traditional apprenticeship, having painted side-by-side with his father, artist R. Benjamin Jones who continues to be a major influence, tutor and mentor.

A perfect outing for a crisp Autumn day, we encourage you to come view David Jones' vibrant wildlife and floral paintings, which are being shown at the Geary Gallery throughout the month of October. You can read more about him on his bio online, and to view his paintings, visit our online gallery.

Featured Artist, October
Kevin J. Kerrigan, Precision Decoy Carver

Mallard by Kevin KerriganArtist Kevin J. Kerrigan is a nationally renowned decoy carver. For the past 35 years, he has worked in the art of hand-carving and painting reproductions of antique waterfowl decoys. His work focuses on a wide variety of shore and water birds. A self-taught artist, Kevin came under the tutelage of the late Ralph Morrell, distinguished Zoologist Emeritus at the Peabody Museum in New Haven. He specializes in precise replicas of the much-sought-after works of the last generation of master carvers such as Elmer Crowell, Shang Wheeler, Lem Dudley, Ward Brothers and Joe Lincoln.

Morrell, a long-time friend of master decoy carver Shang Wheeler, inspired Kevin's interest in decoy carving and helped develop his unfaltering sense of accuracy and aestheticism. Kerrigan and Morrell subsequently collaborated on many projects that included detail paintings for the Peabody Museum, the Museum of Natural History, and The Smithsonian Institute.

An avid sportsman and naturalist, Kevin is often invited to speak at wildlife conservation forums throughout New England and his carvings have graced the covers of Orvis catalogs. The Geary Gallery would love to welcome you to view his masterful carvings this October. For more about the artist, visit his bio, to view his carvings, please visit our online gallery.

Vase of Flowers by Peter MaxFeatured Artist, November
Peter Max, Artist Legend & Icon

Once again, Geary Gallery is thrilled to present artist legend, Peter Max this November who will be on hand to show his impressive collection of exquisite paintings. The exhibit will begin with a preview the evening of November 4th, 2010 and extends through Sunday November 7th with two special “Meet the Artist” Receptions planned where you can meet Peter Max and view his paintings (Saturday, November 6th and Sunday, November 7th.) Artwork is available for acquisition and all appearances are open to the public.

This exhibit features many of Peter Max’s famous paintings, including the magnificent "Vase of Flowers," the iconic “Statue of Liberty”, Max’s famous “Flag” pieces, “Umbrella Man” and the prestigious 10 Cent Stamp bearing the title “Preserve the Environment”. There will also be presentations of never-before-seen celebrity portraits and much more.

You are cordially invited to view the exhibit and meet Peter Max. Please contact the Geary Gallery to RSVP at (203) 655-6633 or email For more information, visit here.


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