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At The Door of Memory, Aubrey Rike and the Assassination of President Kennedy: Witness to History In Trauma Room One

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2007 NID DVD"The real key to our national future," President Kennedy said, "lies in the young people of our country."

If you know a student or teacher who is qualified, encourage them to complete the 
scholarship application.
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book signing tables
An invitation to sell your book at JFK Lancer's November In Dallas 2009 Conference
Authors don't go to just bookstores to promote their books on the Kennedy assassination anymore. They go wherever JFK assassination researchers are gathering to talk about the case. Having books on-hand for purchase - signed by the author - does wonders.

What to bring: Be prepared with your books, signs, handouts, bookmarks, or business cards. JFK Lancer arranges for the tables, with designated signing times built into the schedule, plus signing time during lunch and dinner breaks.
Retail space is open as stated below:
Friday, November 20th, from 8:00am until 6:00pm
Saturday, November 21st, from 8:00am until 6:00pm
Costs for tables: $50 per table (6') and two (2) books donated for our Scholarship winners. This fee includes one ticket to the Awards Banquet Dinner, Saturday, November 21st, 7:00pm, where you will be introduced to the audience. Additional Banquet tickets are available. Also includes a business-size ad for your book in the NID 2009 program.
Storage: Should be available, but not guaranteed.
Parking costs: The Adolphus offers covered, valet parking for overnight guests at a rate of $18.00 per day, and includes in/out privileges. A special day rate of $14.00 (no in/out privileges) is extended to attendees without room accommodations.

We look forward to your participation in this year's NID Conference.
President KennedyNovember in Dallas 2009
Networking...Authors...New Topics 

JFK Lancer has scheduled some of world's the leading researchers and the latest published authors to speak at November in Dallas 2009.  And although that is strong motivation to attend the conference, networking with the attendees - an interesting, dynamic and diverse group of individuals - will also add to your NID experience. We hope you are making plans to be with us to commemorate the 46th anniversary of President Kennedy's death not only to hear our speakers, but to share your comments on the exciting topics being addressed.
And don't forget the author's tables! This is your opportunity to speak with authors of long respected publications in the JFK research field and newly released works that are sure to get you thinking.

Remember, the banquet is included in the registration fee so you not only have an opportunity to hear the latest presentations, but also to sample the fare at the Adolphus Hotel. Last year we enjoyed  that boast superlative cuisine at the banquet. USA Today recently featured the Zagat Survey's 100 Top Hotel Restaurants in America. Based on on food quality, decor, and service, The Adolphus' French Room is listed as number one!  Conference attendees raved about this location, so you are certain to enjoy your stay.

Adolphus Hotel blocked rooms are limited so
register today for the discounted rate.

David Mantik
Dr. David Mantik to Speak 
Author to Address President's X-Rays Conflict

Dr. David Mantik is a Radiation Oncologist at 21st Century Oncology in Palm Desert, California and serves on a speakers' panel educating other physicians about the new role of biological therapy when combined with radiation. Prior to his present position, he worked for 15 years at Eisenhower Hospital in Rancho Mirage, California, where he served as Medical Director in Radiation Oncology, and nine years at the Loma Linda University Medical Center, where he specialized in prostate cancer and cancers of the head and neck.After initially earning his PhD in Physics at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Mantik did a postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University and then joined the physics faculty at Michigan. After a few years of telling his students to go to medical school, he then took his own advice and graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School. He did his residency at the University of Southern California. He is board certified in Radiation Oncology and maintains a special interest in cancers of the prostate and of the mouth and throat. Among his many publications, he has been a major contributor to four books on the medical evidence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

NID Invitational Video
Share this video with your friends!  
JFK Lancer was pleasantly surprised by Cathy Stewart with a video encouraging viewers to register for the November in Dallas 2009 Conference. Cathy is a 1986 graduate of Duquesne University's School of Music and will be attending NID for the first time this year. We hope you will share the video with others.
Jim DiEugenioJim DiEugenio 
Author to Speak
Jim DiEugenio has written two books on the Kennedy assassination.  Destiny Betrayed (1992) was the first positive reconsideration of the Jim Garrison investigation in a generation.  The Assassinations (2003, co-edited with Lisa Pease) analyzed the murders of RFK, MLK, and Malcolm X, but devoted most its pages to the newly released ARRB documents in the JFK case.  He and Lisa also edited the journal Probe (1993-2000) which focused on the releases of the ARRB and new developments in the King and RFK cases.  Jim has an MA in Contemporary American History from California State University Northridge.  He was asked by Oliver Stone to do a commentary track on the expanded DVD version of his film "JFK." DiEugenio has most recently garnered praise for his critiques of Vincent Bugliosi's book, "Reclaiming History." His highly anticipated talk will be on, "Reclaiming History Meets the New Hollywood, or Did Forrest Gump Read a Book?"
Additional and Returning Speakers will be:

  • Randy Owen, Master of Ceremonies
  • Bob Cochran, Banquet and Dealey Plaza Invocation
  • Russ Baker
  • Abraham Bolden
  • Michael Cain
  • Jerry Dealey
  • Brian Edwards and Casey Quinlan
  • Sherry Fiester
  • Ian Griggs
  • Larry Hancock
  • Jim Marrs
  • Robert McClelland, M.D.
  • John Sanders
  • Dr. William Truels
  • Lamar Waldron
  • Paul Wilkins
  • Stu Wexler
Banquet Speaker Peggy Codella
Peggy Cordella's brother was Kennedy collector, Robert L. White, who was a friend of Evelyn Lincoln. He came to Dallas yearly and even had a display of JFK memorabilia in Dallas back in 2002. He passed away in 2003 and she would like to keep his memory and admiration for JFK alive by bringing a personal glimpse into Robert's life.
Robert WhiteRobert L. White specialized in rare documents, historically significant items, and personal artifacts, and dedicated his life to the passionate assembly of the Robert L. White Private Kennedy Collection - a truly unique and all encompassing testimonial to JFK's personal and political history. Robert's lifetime course was set as a child's hobby - prompted by his father and a Lassie television episode on collecting autographs. A youthful Robert White, already fascinated with history and autographs, decided to write to Evelyn Lincoln, John F. Kennedy's Personal Secretary, and requested a signature from the President. Several weeks later, a letter arrived from the White House which contained a facsimile signature of John F. Kennedy. Even though Robert knew it was not an original signature, this cherished first item formed the seed for what was to become the largest, most comprehensive and finest privately-owned John F. Kennedy collection of artifacts and documents in the world.

John F. Kennedy has countless, world-wide admirers to whom the 35th President of the United States of America will always be remembered as charismatic and special. The events of November 22, 1963 horrified the world. Along with the rest of the country Robert White was devastated. On that day, this 15-year old dedicated a page in his journal to the President, noting "...What happened today will be down in history books forever. And I will never forget it."