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June 12-14

Philadelphia District Church of the Nazarene


Church Planting Essentials (CPE)
Provides inexpensive, basic training in starting a new church.


Dynamic Church Planting International created the materials based upon years of working in mission areas where the church is expanding rapidly. The methods are tested, general, biblical, and reproducible. Each participant leaves with a personalized plan. 




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Event Dates

  • Church Planting Essentials (CPE)
  • Tuesday, June 12, 8:30am through Thursday, June 14, 4:45pm

  • Certified Trainer (CT) - (before and after Church Planting Essentials and Churches Planting Churches)
  • Monday, June 11, 1:00-4:30
    Friday, June 15, 8:30-12:00

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        Stenton Park Community Church of the Nazarene

1539 W. Courtland St. 
Philadelphia, PA




  • $35.00 - Includes notebook and 3 lunches (Tues, Wed, Thurs)
    You are on your own for breakfast and dinner.


Dorm style housing is available at the Philadelphia First Church Campus

  •  Cost $20 per night
  • 1707 Shelmire Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19111