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Issue 11
April 2012
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Finally some nice weather appears to be on its way along with lots of good practice information and advice in this month's eUpdate.


This month we take the opportunity to highlight the findings of our 'Recruiting and Retaining Members During Challenging Times' survey, find out why social media is useful to membership organisations/associations and much more!


Last month we welcomed our 500th subscriber to our online professional networking group, so if you are not yet subscribing please do join us for the latest discussion, debate and banter!


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The MemberWise Network 

In This Issue...
Recruiting and Retaining Members During Challenging Times: Survey Results Announced!
5 Great Reasons Why Social Media is Useful
CPD Consultation: What will CPD Look Like in 10 Years?
Ways to Gain More Members (3 of 10) - Focus on Retention
The Latest Online Discussion...
Dates for the diary - April
Recruiting & Retaining Members: Survey Results Announced!

This month we announce the results of our 'Recruiting and Retaining Members During Challenging Times' survey.

Over 100 membership organisations and associations took part so thisRecruiting & Retaining Members Logo forms a representative sample of the MemberWise subscriber base.


Key results:


- 74% of organisations are finding it harder to recruit new members

- 78% are finding it harder to retain existing members

- 43% have seen membership increase over the past two years

- 30% have seen attendence at conferences increase over the past year

- 60% have changed messaging in line with the current economic climate

- 77% are looking at new revenue streams 

- 24% do not yet offer online social networking opportunities 


Rather than release a membership research report we thought we would signpost the key results in a quick to digest 'infographic' format.


View our Infographic...

Download in PDF format... 

Related resource: KingstonSmith will be showcasing our results at their forthcoming free seminar 'What's in it for me? How to deliver added value to increase membership' seminar. Central London. 18th April. Find out more... 

5 Great Reasons why Social Media is Useful

Social networking has evolved rapidly in the last few years, yet surprisingly the majority of membership organisations and associations still don't dedicate resources to this area.  


In the recent MemberWise survey (Recruitment and Retaining members), 78% of recipients reported that it was harder to retain members, with 38% showing a decrease in membership numbers over the past two years.


So why is having a social network so important?


1. Members want to be engaged.

2. Members support what they help create.

3. Members value other perspectives.

4. Members want to be noticed.

5. Members help members.


The use of a social network platform to create meaningful conversations and to offer valuable networking opportunities has proven to increase satisfaction and increase on-site time.


View the full article (including good practice links!)...


CPD Consultation: What will CPD look like in 10 years?

We are pleased to support Kingston University and the Tomorrow Project to explore the following question with leading membership organisations and associations:

'What will CPD look like in 10 years?'


In particular, the consultation will consider the relationships between CPD and individuals' careers and occupational performance. For example, what potential exists for progression through CPD to become a form of career 'ladder'? To what extent might CPD be tied more tightly to individual performance, contribute to innovation and enhance self-management at work?


The consultation will be hosted by Richard Worsley and Michael Moynagh of the Tomorrow Project, and Amanda Rosewarne of the CPD Research project.

It will bring together a variety of professionals from academic, commercial and professional bodies and blend their expertise to address the consultation's core aims and questions.

If you would like to hear more about this exciting project email

Ways to Gain More Members (3 of 10) - Focus on Retention!

RetentionMember retention should be high on your 'hit list' this Spring.


Why? Because it costs up to 8x more to recruit a new member than to retain an existing member. FACT.   

Here are 12 ideas to (hopefully!) inspire: 

- Compile a 'member retention plan' within your membership strategy/plan.

- Collect data on what is actually being accessed by members

- If you know what is valued - ensure your members know about it!

- Ask members what they think about your current offering.

- Observe 'chatter' throughout the year and take note!

- Enable a 'two-way' conversation with members - Dont just broadcasting!

- Horizon scan (PESTLE) - See what members can get elsewhere!

- Ask members what they would like you to offer

- Consider new/flexible online benefits but dont be led by technology alone

- Communicate only monthly? - split the month up with a quick poll/update

- Nurture members in their first year

- Make it as easy as possible to renew - Online/DirectDebit!


Why not discuss your member retention-related ideas, successes and suggestions on our online professional networking group (hosted on LinkedIn). Join in the discussion...

Online Professional Networking Group - The latest discussions...

Our online professional networking group provides you with a unique opportunity to network with fellow membership professionals, as well as:

 Social networks logo

- The latest news & views within & outside of our sector
- Good practice sharing, case studies & news items
- Newsfeeds from key sector organisations

- Updates on MemberWise Network activity 


This month's 'hot topics':


Manager's Choice:
North West Membership Round Table Event (11 comments)

1: MemberWise Joint-Consultation: CPD, Individuals & Employers
2: Institute of Physics - International Good Practice Sharing Request
3: Chartered status for organisations - Can you help?

Join in the conversation right now...

Dates for the diary (April)

Check out the latest membership organisation and association sector seminars, conferences and events via the MemberWise event calendar. 


16: Using Social Media to Retain Members: Panel & Networking Event
(A MemberWise Network Associated Event), Members Matter, Sole Bar & Grill, Manchester


18: What's in it for me? How to deliver added value to increase membership, Kingston Smith, London


25: Publishing Contract Negotiation: Getting the best deal for your society, Learned and Professional Societies Forum, London


25: Fit for purpose professionals, London, PARN

Go to Events Calendar... 

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Richard Gott
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