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October 2012
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Important Dates
Lets Cut Your Payroll Cost
Lets Take the Stress Out of Taxes
Receive Your Money for Cheaper
Why Write Checks Anymore?
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Important Dates

Sept 18 Start of Year End Review Appointments.  Call for yours.

Oct 3 Presidential Debates
Oct 15 P/R Tax Dep Due

Oct 31 Qtr 3 941 & OQ Due

Nov 15 P/R Tax Dep Due

Dec 17 P/R Tax Dep Due

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It appears that summer is here to stay for awhile.  Isn't that great.  I have been taking some time to get rearranged & reorganized since the move.  This month though I would really just like to give you some ideas on how to save sanity money, time.  The end of the year is coming fast and for some of you it is here already.   

If you read these newsletters you will remember that last month I mentioned looking at what needs to happen to entice people to do something different. 
This month we are going to give you options for savings.  We are going to look at saving time & money with a new payroll system.  Those of you that wish to change Smith's new payroll we will be doing it for you for free.  You will want to see the article here in the newsletter and the webpage on our website for that.  Then there are taxes.  Why does everyone say it is that time again?.  Do you want tax saving ideas then talk to your tax person but be sure to talk to us first.  You want your tax person to give you the best ideas based on real information.  Maybe you take credit cards and they get expensive so here is another way around waiting for snail mail,  The will be a web page on our website about it soon, but for now just a bit of information.  Are you looking for another way to pay your vendors?  In the article about that below you will learn more.




Let's Save you Money on Payroll 



Smith Office Solutions has looked at online payroll.  This last year we tried it and learned a whole bunch.  There are things in the desktop that are better left to the desktop version but this online will work for many. 


What is different.


  1. You can add timesheets/time clock which figures overtime automatically
  2. It imports into accounting software.
  3. It works with more years of QuickBooks than the desktop version.  2006 and above.   It works on Mac, Online & Windows QuickBooks.  It works with Peachtree, Quicken & ATX Command Accounting
  4. Direct Deposit is free
  5. It does job costing
  6. Accrues vacation & sick 
  7. It does multiple states
  8. Tax payments are automatic
  9. Tax returns are automatic 
  10. Pay contractors & file 1099's

Online Payroll check out the details & prices 



Lets Take the Aggravation Out of Taxes While We Are At It 

  1. QuickBooks allows your chart of accounts to be mapped to your tax return lines.  All we need is the return number you file to map them.
  2. We can create a summary report after we map you file.  This should make your taxes easier. 
  3. We can do a Client Data Review before it goes to the tax person.  This should clean up things that always pop up when the taxes are being prepared.  Accounts Receivable on a cash basis return for example.  If the corrections aren't done right your taxes won't be correct.  Journal entries will not fix every thing.
  4. The Client Data Review will also let you talk to your tax person early for tax savings items.  This should be done about 3 months before the end of the year. 
  5. You can also ask your accountant to join our cloud and do their taxes that way.  Give them our number and we can talk to them about it.
Receive Checks Over the Phone 
  1. $.50 per check, that might be less that the merchant account, you think.
  2. They don't have to go through the mail any more.
  3. They can be recurring too which means you have them sign papers once & then you just sit back & keep collecting the money.
  4. Ask us about the forms that you need to have them sign.
  5. Don't want to go to the bank any more?  You can scan the check you do receive and off they go to the bank on their own.  This is not an expensive option.
  6. This is an alternative to credit cards too.
  7. If you are on a recurring charge from SOS NW, Inc we will be contacting you in the month about this option.


Ask us how 503-407-9522

Why Write Checks Anymore? 


Did You Know That You Can Direct Deposit a Check to a Vendor?


That isn't entirely correct.  You have to have Direct Deposit set up for your desktop payroll or Online Payroll. 

  1. Desktop cost $1.45/check for direct deposit as does payroll.  What does a stamp cost now?  Add an envelope & a paper check, your time signing & stuffing the envelope.  Now does this method really cost that much.
  2. Online payroll Direct Deposit for Contracotrs is free.
  3. Some banks l let you do online bill pay for a fee per month.  Each bank of course varies.

Remember folks there are reasons for one system over the other not just the price.  Talk to us & we will try to help you with the solution.


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Forward to others that may benefit from our ideas. 

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