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Online Payroll


We have an idea for those of you that have payroll that doesn't need job costing.


Well 'tis the season.  Happy holidays to all!


We have a new payroll system to offer you that easily imports directly into your QuickBooks company file. 
There are 2 main parts to this service: the payroll and a timer that will automatically figure overtime based on your state's overtime laws. No more need to run calculations to process your payroll.  Your payroll can be processed for mutiple states, and it has free direct deposit for your employees.  This is a web-based program that has all the reporting & tax payment options that your business needs.  There is also an option for adding worker's compensation service.  
It integrates with the following software: QuickBooks 2007 & higher, QuickBooks Mac 2006 & higher, QuickBooks Online, Quicken 2005 & higher, Peachtree Pro, Complete, Premium, and Quantum 2008 and 2009. Also works with Microsoft Excel version 2002 or later. It does not integrate with QuickBooks Simple Start or Quicken Starter Edition.  Online Payroll can be used as a stand-alone service as well.  Your QuickBooks version does not need to be updated to 2012 in order to use this service.  If you have one of the above programs and don't choose to upgrade your QuickBooks, with this service your payroll can continue to be processed, uninterrupted just on a different system. 


Various service options are available. Let us create a customized payroll option that works for you.  Call us for a quote today!  


Current payroll clients, we will do the setup and conversion for free!   


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phone: 503-579-8059



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