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April 2012

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Like Herding Cats



At times, it can appear that trying to unify the board of a homeowner association is like herding cats. Freedom of expression is what America is all about, right? Well, yes and no. 


While it's true each citizen is allowed freedom of thought and expression, having a group of special interests fighting over the same turf is contrary to the interests of the homeowner association at 


How to Rent Out Your House



When a rental property lands in your lap, should you hold or fold? Outsource the management or do it yourself? Are you ready for the tenants, toilets and trash? It doesn't take much to turn an ordinary homeowner into a landlord. Maybe you have to move but want to keep your home and rent it out. Or you have a change of fortune -- you get married

HOA's Perception of Protection



Homeowner associations have a responsibility to protect the investments of the members. A person's home is typically his largest investment, thus protecting property value should be a main concern of any HOA. Perceptions of personal safety influence current residents' decisions regarding relocation and rank high in perspective buyers' 


Combating Dust in Your Home and On Your Houseplants



Over the course of a year, home experts estimate that an average of 50 pounds of dust makes its way into a house. Where does all of this come from? A portion blows in from the outdoors; carpets or doormats placed both outside doors and just inside the threshold can help cut down on dust being brought indoors. Dust can also pass through minute crevices in door and window frames. Sealing up 


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Hey there, homeowner! We're happy you've got a slice of the American dream, and you'll get the tax breaks that go along with it. In fact, some of these tax incentives apply to even a second home. Ooh la la! Whether you bought, sold or just happily lived in your home this year, we'll walk you through all the tax stuff you need to know. 


After months of searching for the perfect home, writing multiple offers, and dealing with sellers who won't budge on price, you've finally got a contract on the perfect home. It took you and the seller weeks of negotiations and several rounds of offers to get there. But, you have a deal at last. Or do you? Too often, getting a signed contract


While there may be signs that the housing market is mounting a comeback, homeowners hit hardest by the real estate meltdown aren't growing any more patient, a new poll suggests. An online poll conducted by real estate website Housing Predictor found that nearly half of of those who responded said that they would walk away from their 


The Neighborhood Watch signs declaring a ban on bandits aren't just for show. Metro Police credit the 625 Neighborhood Watch programs in the northwest valley with leading to big decreases in property crimes in that area.Capt. John McGrath of Metro's Northwest Area Command said auto burglaries, auto thefts and residential burglaries dropped by more than 


Las Vegas is now a city of renters, though it's far less expensive to buy a home here than to rent one. From a peak of 64 percent in 2000, as measured by the U.S. census, Las Vegas Valley home ownership is now at 48 percent -- and will continue to fall. About half of the 100,000 existing homes sold in the region over the past two 






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Mesquite, NV



To Comply or Not to Comply, That is the Question

CC&R's, Working for You

Monday, May 7

2:00 - 4:00 p.m.


Country Club at

Mesquite Vistas

851 Pinnacle Court

Mesquite, NV 89027


There may be policies, procedures, rules, regulations and resolutions. All are necessary to do the HOA business properly. But what exactly are policies, procedures, rules, regulations and resolutions? And why should homeowners comply?  Find out!

Pre-registration is requested by calling:





Reno, NV


Reno Jazz Festival
50th Anniversary

 April 26 - 28

University of Nevada -Reno.   


Since its first year in 1962, the Reno Jazz Festival has endeavored to bring to Reno both talented students and renowned professional artists. The festival has consistently attracted some of the best school bands in the nation.


Learn More!

Reno Jazz 2012  





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