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MARCH 2012

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Creating Association Committees



The existence of volunteer committees to support a community association's board of directors can be essential to the success of a productive board and may also serve as the training ground for new and future board members. The major function of such committees is to assist the board by 


@#%! Barking Dog



Homeowner associations often experience complaints about barking dogs. This one is a no brainer since virtually all dogs bark when left alone and sometimes when master is home.

According to experts, determining why the dog barks is the first step in training the dog not to bark. The typical causes for barking dogs are:


Your HOA Website Can Save Money, Increase Communication


Communication and budgetary issues are two of the biggest challenges facing an HOA. An effective website can facilitate communication and also save an HOA money! Leverage the Power of the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized how homeowner associations can operate. If good communication and active participation are the two biggest challenges to managing and building 


Improve Value through Landscaping


Home_exteriorA lot has been written about landscaping yards for curb appeal because buyers see the outside first when they drive up to a home. So it makes sense to make this area as attractive and inviting as possible. Doing that requires thinking about what would really make a property alluring.

Here are a few things you can prepare for in anticipation of Spring arriving:


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What's Up Doc?


In almost every article I write, it seems I'm always talking about the governing docs.What are these governing documents, and why do they get brought up all the time? Well, they are the foundation, the basis for Board decisions that have to do with your property. NRS 116 governs how all Common Interest Communities operate (well, most communities). The Governing Docs dictate the specifics of your 


Your Real Estate Choices Today Will Matter Later 


Decades from now when you retire, you are going to take a look at your income and assets to see if you will be living a comfortable retirement. One big portion of your retirement picture will probably relate to real estate. You may have paid off a home, and/or rental properties; and that would be great! Or you may still be paying a fairly large amount on your home mortgage or paying rent each month to a landlord.  


What's Hot and Not in Home Styles This Year 


Modern gets the thumbs up. Spa-like and eco-sensitive, the "New American Home 2012" being unveiled in Orlando by the National Association of Home Builders in conjunction with the International Builders' Show, is a warmer take on the classic "White Box" of mid-20th century modern design."A lot of people want a spa feeling and a spa look that's very analogous to modern," said Luis Juaregui, a Texas-based 


New American Dream Is Renting to Get Rich 


Rich Arzaga owns a luxury home in San Ramon, California, but he's not betting on it as an investment. The founder and CEO of Cornerstone Wealth Management, who bought the 5,000 sq. ft. property in 2005 for $1.8 million and has spent $500,000 improving it, considers the abode a wonderful place for his family. But ask him to rate his home -- or any home, for that matter -- as a financial investment, and Arzaga balks."It's 


Securing a Rental After Losing Your Home 


If you are in the unfortunate financial position where you are losing your home due to foreclosure or short sale, your credit score is probably going to take a pretty hard hit. In "normal times," this could make it really tough to rent your next place of residence. Luckily, these are not "normal times" and most landlords are understanding of renters' financial distress. (In fact, many landlords themselves may have experienced 


 It's a Size Thing: Closets


Luxury home aficionados and voyeurs know that walk-in closets are a given in any modern or updated high-end property. Many mansions and penthouses have closets larger than the footprint of entire apartments rented by the non-rich-and-famous (ahem).That said, two of the most coveted closets are improbably located in apartments in New York City, where even decent-sized closets are rare. One of these closets belongs 







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St. George, UT


Spectrum 10K Run

March 17

9:00 a.m.
Ivins City Park

55 North Main Street 

St. George, UT


A beautiful, scenic run through Snow Canyon State Park. This course includes three miles in Snow Canyon State Park, continuing on through city neighborhoods and into the finish line in Ivins. 

Pre-registration is accepted until Friday, March 9th. 

Late registration accepted until Wednesday, March 14th with an additional $10 late fee. NO DAY OF RACE REGISTRATION!


More information at:

Spectrum 10K




Reno, NV


North Lake Tahoe SnowFest 

 March 2 - 11

North shores of            Lake Tahoe, from Homewood to Incline Village, out to Squaw Valley and into Truckee.   


The wacky and wildest strut their stuff at North Lake Tahoe's annual SnowFest, a 10-day winter carnival and one of the region's most popular family celebrations. The event will again offer off-the-wall special events geared for all ages.


Check out the video! 




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