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CC&R Enforcement

The Five Most Important "Don'ts" You Need To Know  



Association directors have many responsibilities. These include adopting a budget, authorizing year-end disclosures, pursuing delinquent assessments, conducting proper elections and enforcing the governing documents, especially the CC&Rs ("CC&Rs") and Operating Rules. The majority of homeowner association residents - owners and 


Are Homeowners Glad They Own?


homeownersIt might come as a surprise but a whopping 72 percent of surveyed homeowners nationwide are satisfied with owning a home. The other 28 percent, not so. They say they're dissatisfied and that's likely due to the devaluation of their homes. But surprisingly, of those who were satisfied with owning a home, only 24 percent said it was because of home 


Association Foreclosure: No Small Chore!


FHFAPerhaps you've been there and have experienced a similar situation as a board member. Your homeowners association has followed all of the requirements of notification to the delinquent owner of the property, but this particular owner has failed to respond to your requests to pay his past due assessments. You have instructed the association's 


Clean Homes Show Better


CleaningSo, here's a question for you. Would you rather walk into a clean home or a dirty one? No, it's not a trick question but it is an important one. You see, when it comes to selling a home, many people forget how important the answer to that question really is. Sellers get busy looking for their new home, preparing the 


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The Big Picture


Have some of you readers been thinking, "Why do I have to pay more than one assessment each month?" Assuming that your Association is well managed and maintained, and you're not paying a Reserve Assessment or a Special Assessment along with your regular monthly assessment, chances are you live in a Master Association. Sometimes these are called Master Planned Communities. 


Refinancing Gets Even More Attractive

Homeowners who have resisted the urge to refinance their mortgages until now could be rewarded for their willpower. Mortgage rates have fallen to new lows-and banks are rolling out incentives to win business.Economic uncertainty in Europe and slow growth in the U.S. are prompting investors to pile into ultrasafe U.S. Treasurys. That, in turn, is pushing down mortgage rates, which are tied to Treasurys.


Home repairs: Knowing when you can do it yourself 


In times of economic hardship, "do-it-yourself" is a tempting mantra for many homeowners with dripping faucets, running toilets, leaky windows or sticky locks. The savings can add up when you don't have to call a repairman, especially for things like painting, plumbing and appliance repair, said Ken Collier, editor-in-chief of The Family Handyman. "Parts are a small part of the cost. Labor is huge," he said.


Sights, Smells and Sounds In Your Home That Can Stress Out Your Pet


We live in a world chock-full of arresting - and often overwhelming - sights, smells and sounds. But while you can block all that background static with state-of-the-art Bose headphones, your pets have no choice but to soak it all in. From noise emitted by fluorescent light bulbs to overpowering air fresheners, there are many things that may seem innocuous to us - but can negatively affect your dog or cat's stress levels. Here's a look at some common sensory pet stressors.


How To Get an Architectural Review Board to Approve Your Home Project 


If you're planning on building a custom home in a new development or remodeling a home in an older neighborhood, you'll likely find your plans subject to design review.Design review boards go by different names: ARB (Architectural Review Board), DRC (Design Review Committee), ARC (Architectural Review Committee) and others.They've been called less flattering names by homeowners whose proposals don't get favorable treatment.







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Representation has its Rewards


Terra West welcomes these new Associations to the family!

Mannetta Lane
Owners' Association 
(Las Vegas)

These proud associations know that community management is about building relationships that build communities.  We are pleased they have selected Terra West as their partner!



Reno, NV



Roles & Responsibilities

in the CIC

February 9

6:00 - 8:00 p.m.


Rules and Responsibilities:
1. Will help you better understand the governance and management of homeowner associations.
2.  Is ideal for current board members that need a refresher course.
3.  Is open to homeowners that want to know fundamentals of being a board member.


Presented by:  

Sara E. Barry, CMCA, PCAM

Wolf, Rifkin, Shapiro, Schulman & Rabkin, LLP 


5594 Longley Lane Unit B

Reno, NV 89511




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