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SoldHouse_CoupleNew Owners - Putting Your Association's Best Foot Forward 


"First impressions are the most lasting." This proverb, while generally applied to personal encounters, is well worth embracing in considering the initial contact the community association has


Short SaleHow to Buy a Short Sale Property


You'll need time and the right temperament to purchase a short sale property, but you could save thousands if you do. It's no secret that some great real estate deals are out there, thanks to our lagging

Who Is Robert, and Why Does He Get to Make All the Rules?


Most people at some point have heard of Robert's Rules, but what exactly are those rules, and how do they apply to you? Well, if you're involved in a group, committee, or organization that conducts business


Boardmeeting_2Does Your Board Have the Correct Number of Directors?


Recently, our management office surveyed all of the communities that we manage in order to determine whether or not each board is comprised of the appropriate number of directors as required by the

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We've all heard about the recent devastation caused by earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and fires that have swept the nation coast-to-coast. Forces of nature are not to be reckoned with and as a tenant, you should be proactive in protecting yourself financially in the off-chance you drastically lose the contents and personal belongings that


Curlicue ribbons, flashy bows, richly colored papers with smoothed seams and perfect edges folded and taped. A big basket filled with goodies and wrapped with the most cellophane you've ever seen in one place. Sound like the gift table at a Bridal Shower or a landmark birthday for someone special? Well, there, beautifully wrapped gifts would be

As most people know, built-up soap scum can be one of the hardest things to clean in the bathroom. Now you can take care of it with almost no effort at all. One of the hardest things to clean in the bathroom is that awful, caked-on soap scum. It is resilient to say the least, and it is often left to get worse because it does not seem to be worth the effort to
The Academy Awards may have to add a category: Best Short Film Starring a Real Estate Listing. Listing videos--which for years have been little more than visual tours of homes set to annoying music--have entered a new realm. They've gone Hollywood, right down to having a story line.

You're thinking about buying a new home. The house is perfect and the location is great, but how do you know if the neighbors match up? Before you make your home purchase final, there a few things to do in order to avoid home burglaries, neighbors with yappy dogs or any other less-than-wonderful neighborhood issues.


Home improvements can be like tattoos. Both are high-risk, high-reward decisions. And they both hinge on picking the right one the first time, because some hold up better than others. And if you make a mistake, both tattoos and home improvements can be darned expensive to remove. So, what are these projects, and how do you


The slowdown in the nation's economy hasn't damped interest in Southern Nevada's existing-home market. The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors reported that the combined 4,693 sales of homes, condominiums and town homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service is one of the highest in the valley's history. It's nine short of

A home is robbed every 14.6 seconds and the average dollar loss per burglary is $2,119, according to statistics just released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And that's the good news because burglaries were down slightly in 2010 compared to 2009. Sure you lock your doors and windows when you're not home (you'd be

The gulf between "green" and "gorgeous" seems to be narrowing. EcoHome magazine's second annual design awards singled out an array of houses that are not only environmentally exceptional, but look good at the same time. It hasn't always been so.


It doesn't take much to turn an ordinary homeowner into a landlord. Maybe you have to move but want to keep your home and rent it out. Or you have a change of fortune -- you get married, receive an inheritance or buy a new house before you unload the old one. While many people would love to have an extra house to worry


As fall weather takes hold, you need to change your gardening practices to get your landscape ready for the season ahead. But when do you start? And what should you do? Gardening by the Yard host Paul James offers advice on the intricacies of preparing for autumn:  His first bit of advice: Start your work about six weeks before the first



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Irrigation of residential landscaping is Mesquite's single largest water use. Terra West Management Services, in partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority, is offering a water conservation/ xeriscape seminar and other water-wise programs in preparation for the upcoming fall irrigation season. 


Country Club at
Mesquite Vistas

851 Pinnacle Court, Suite 100

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Reno, NV


Professionals Choice 
American Cowboy Team Roping Association 
National Finals


October 15 - 22


The West Coast's big money roping - the Wrangler/Professional's Choice ACTRA National Finals - looks to pay big bucks and create a family roping environment.


The event is being held at the Reno Livestock and Events Center, will run from Oct. 15-22. It will pay out an estimated $900,000 in paychecks as well as $235,000 in awards, including two Maverick trophy trailers and 44 Scott Thomas saddles.


Last year, over 5,000 teams competed for more than $875,000 in cash and prizes.



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