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JUNE 2011


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What Is The Value Of A Homeowner Association?
Ever wondered why you have a homeowners association? Your association may be your best tool to protect the value of your home and the quality of your neighborhood. Community associations do any


TW Rent

Picking a Great Property Management Company

If you own residential properties then you already know that you have a great investment in hand. The demand for housing units has increased for the past years and so the costs of such properties have also



Effective Community Communications

Effective communication helps to establish harmony in the community. The more effective the communication, the more successful will be the management of the association. A difficult aspect of communications is assuring that owners within a


BudgetIt's Budget Time! Be Ready!

Many of us dread budgeting and taxes, or anything to do with numbers. As a member of the Board of Directors, you have an added responsibility to produce and communicate to the members a projection of the assessments and expenses for the

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State Office for HOA's Emphasizes Role of Education

Homeowners associations don't come with instructions, although many residents wish they did.  Directors find themselves taking on a complex set of duties for which there is considerable responsibility and possibly stern consequences for irresponsible or incompetent performance -- and

Las Vegas Economy to Pick Up in 2013-14

A prominent real estate economist said the housing market will weaken further but he expects the Las Vegas economy to "pick up steam in 2012" and really start to "take off" in 2013 and 2014. "The drivers, being domestic tourism and international tourism, aren't going to kick in until

Cool Bachelor Pads Make a Good Impression

According to a recent poll by and CNBC, single men have some peculiar tastes in residences. For instance, 96 percent claimed that a spacious kitchen was not high on the wish list, while almost 70 percent cited the desire for a staffed building. Well that sounded all well

More Than 500 Cities See More Homes Become Rentals

In the aftermath of the nation's housing-market collapse and recession, more than 500 midsize and large cities have seen a rise in the share of homes that are rented rather than owned, according to a USA TODAY analysis of Census data. Almost 4 million homes have been lost to

How to Add Wainscoting to Your Walls

Wainscoting is an inexpensive way to add a warm, elegant look to your decor, and can be done in a variety of colors and types to suit your specific style. Wainscoting refers to a paneling style that lines the lower part of the walls in a room. The three main types of wainscoting are

Many Services are Available to Communities

Communities often need services and education. For example, certified arborists can be used to help maintain the health and continued growth of the trees in a community. They can periodically check for disease and insect infestations. They can recommend which trees should be

Act Aims to Hault Default Onslaught

Like so many Las Vegas homeowners trapped "underwater," Doug Farmer made a strategic decision to stop throwing good money after bad when Bank of America refused to work with him in refinancing his adjustable-rate mortgage. Realizing he would never be solvent on his

Tips for a Residential Home Inspection

Keeping a home in good condition by performing an annual house inspection and addressing concerns quickly will minimize future repair costs. Preventive maintenance protects a homeowner's investment and increases his pride of ownership. Home inspections that are completed 

Many Prospective Home Buyers Don't Understand Mortgage Basics

The spring home buying season is here and it's undoubtedly a buyer's market in most areas, yet many prospective home buyers appear ill-prepared to take out a mortgage. In fact, nearly half of prospective buyers don't understand mortgage basics, leaving them vulnerable to

Foreclosures' Other Victims: Abandoned Pets

Real estate agents have become frontline soldiers in a shadow crisis to the foreclosure mess: Pets are being abandoned by their owners in their empty houses. It isn't uncommon for an agent to open the door of a foreclosed property and find a starving dog or cat left behind when the

Outdoor Style: Celebrate Summer Outside!

Summer may not officially begin for another three weeks, but this weekend marks the start of outdoor living season. Relaxing, dining and entertaining al fresco are sure to be on the calendar in the coming weeks and there are plenty of options to create your ideal outdoor

How to Buy an Air Conditioner

Buying an air conditioner is relatively simple, once you answer a few questions about your needs and living space. Here's a quick guide to make you a savvy air conditioner shopper so you can enjoy cool comfort without blowing your budget, architecture or quiet zones.




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Farmers Market

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The Downtown Farmers Market at Ancestor Square is a great way to get involved in your community and support small gardeners, bakers, craftsmen and artists. Please come and enjoy the morning!


Every Saturday
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Ancestor Square

St. George, UT

UT  Farmers MKT

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Reno, NV


Reno Rodeo


June 16 - 25  

Reno Livestock
Events Center
1350 N. Wells Ave.


The "Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West," the Reno Rodeo is a 10-day event. The Reno Rodeo is a PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association) sanctioned sporting event.


Reno Rodeo is a non-profit organization made up

of more than 400 volunteers. Over 140,000 fans will be in attendance for the fourth richest PRCA tour rodeo. The event impacts the Reno/Sparks area economy with $42 million going to hotels, casinos, restaurants and retail.  



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