"The concept was to create a casual dining space which embodies the spirit of Colorado do-it-yourself outdoor sports. The 80 foot long fašade in a dark, narrow section of the concourse posed the challenge to create an invigorating retail presence.

We designed a sculptural landscape-like form to envelop the length of the fašade with an unusual silhouette. The snow-drift texture of ASI's Sculptured™ Collection  allowed us to suggest the dynamic landscape, helping us create a transportive experience which simultaneously roots the traveler to place while imbuing guests with the adventurous vibe of Colorado. Inside, these panels are used as fronts for the bar and take-out counters.

Iconic from far, textured up close, and dynamic at any scale, ASI's Sculptured™ Collection enabled us to produce a unique and memorable architectural statement."


- Derek Rubinoff, Architect

Sculptured™ Collection panels are available primed or unfinished, allowing for creative finish options to add personality to each design.

Sculpt Box

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In stock, sustainable, primed or unfinished in 10 boldly incised patterns for dramatic effect!  


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