May 30, 2012


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CHESTER, CT - May 30, 2012


Summer has officially started. And a glorious summer it shall be...especially for the Fox & Co clients and friends fascinated by automobiles of various perversions racing around tracks of varying ovalities.  In the spirit of such fueled fanaticism, please find this tribute to NASCARites and akin followers.


Ah, the ambiance and cultural enrichment of a motor car race.


The bouquet of high octane fumes wafting into one's lymph system; the taste of burning rubber and scalded oil tricking down an asphalt-dusted throat into once clean lungs;  and the wonderful feel of sweat-soaked clothes sticking to every square inch of epidermis not covered to protect from searing sun, and the ever delightful 100% humidity.  Who doesn't love the incessant, constant , unrelenting, nonstop roar of un-muffled engines and screaming tires pounding into even the thickest of heads?  And only for four, or so pleasant hours.


Can it be argued that the best time of the race is watching the checker flag wave while sitting in an air-conditioned bar, overlooking Daytona's piece of the Atlantic, with a perfectly mixed icy martini in one hand, and the bar's TV remote in the other?


And can it be disputed, even for one eternal racing moment, that the best time of race watching starts with the iconic call, "Gentlemen, start your engines," and the simultaneous, but subtle nod to the attentive barkeeper, who immediately begins shaking that silver chalice?


I think not.


Gentleman, and ladies, start your engines.


That's with a freshly peeled Central Florida lemon twist s'il vous plait.


Racingly yours,


JJF and Fox & Co Team




                       COMING TO STORES JUNE 8th! 




From bestselling author Jeffrey J. Fox





Jeffrey J. Fox (Chester, CT) is an accomplished consultant, popular speaker and the acclaimed author of international business bestsellers, How to Become CEO, How to Become a Rainmaker, and Secrets of Great Rainmakers. He is also author of Rain: What a Paperboy Learned About Business. He has written 12 books in over 175 international editions in 35 languages.  Fox is the founder and president of Fox & Company, Inc., a marketing consulting firm that increases clients' gross margins and revenues. Prior to starting Fox & Co. Jeffrey was V.P., Marketing and a Corporate V.P. of Loctite Corporation. He was also Director of Marketing for the wine division of The Pillsbury Co., and held various senior level marketing jobs at Heublein, Inc. including Director of New Products. For more information, visit

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