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June 2012
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Carol Cochran, Assistant Dean
Whitney Earles, Director
Shon Gates, Admission Counselor
Amy Crusan-Kramer, Administrative Assistant
Eric Bender, Records Specialist
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Hello from the Office of Admission at Seattle University School of Law. We hope this note finds you doing well and enjoying your summer so far. If you are planning to apply this fall to start law school in 2013 we hope your application process has already begun.  We hope to provide you some tips and guidelines here to help you. We will begin accepting applications on October 1. See our Viewbook and know that our new Viewbook should be available in August.
Things you should be working on
Applying to law school can be a lengthy process. It takes time. Here is what we suggest you be working on now.
  • First and most importantly; the LSAT (law school admission test). If you didn't take it on June 11, 2012, you should take it in October. December 2012 will be fine as well but a June or October score would be preferred. 
  • Line up those folks who will be willing to write letters of recommendation for you. Often times, these letters are what hold up the completion of an application file. People have good intentions and say they will write them but they usually have to be prompted a few times to get it done. Don't delay.
  • Meet with a prelaw advisor if you can. Your undergraduate institution hopefully has a faculty member or someone designated in the position. Take advantage of their guidance.
  • Start working on your personal statement and resume. And remember, your personal statement should not be a rehash of your resume. Check out this blog for other tips.
Open houses, webinars & other resources
Make sure to stay connected with us to get the most up-to-date information on open houses, webinars and workshops. We are here to help you in this process. Make an individual appointment as well. Can't make it in person? Make a phone appointment with us or Skype with us.
Here is a list of upcoming events:
July 12 Open House at 3 p.m., RSVP here
July 26 Open House at 4 p.m., RSVP here
August 8 Open House at noon, RSVP here
August 29 webinar - time & more information at a later date
We will be across the country in the fall attending law and graduate fairs. Make sure to take a look at our Recruitment Schedule periodically to see if we will be in a location near you. Come meet us.
Wondering how financial aid works? Please make an in-person or phone appointment with our Student Financial Services office at any point in time.


Here are some other resources that you may find beneficial. 

Reminder, we have a part-time program
We know, times are tough. But, we can help if you are concerned about trying to pay for law school and not come out with a massive amount of student loan debt. We have a part-time program that allows you to work during the day and go to school in the evening. It can be a great way to get what you want - a law degree without the burden of a lot of debt afterwards.  Our part-time evening program begins in June each year. It takes three and a half years to complete. See our Part-Time page for further information.

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