January 2010
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Get Out of Debt in 2010
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Medical Office Assistant Instructor Wins Award!
Maureen wins award
Maureen Trappe, Sprott-Shaw's MOA instructor for 6 years was recently awarded "Medical Office Assistant of the Year" by the Victoria chapter of Medical Office Assistants' Association of BC


Maureen is one of Sprott-Shaw's most popular instructors with her "tough but fair" style of teaching.

The Medical Office Assistant program is highly reputable in Victoria thanks to her efforts and graduates are employable in many settings including hospitals. 

"You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."
-Mary Pickford (1892-1979)
Canadian actress
Co-founder of United Artists

Welcome to 2010! 

2009 was a year of uncertainty for many people.  I am now seeing many articles from experts predicting changes in 2010.  What is confusing is that most of the information that I have read is regarding external changes - things that are really out of our control. 

One of my big New Years resolutions is to make some INTERNAL changes to try and become the best ME I can be.  Time to slow things down a bit.

There is always going to be stuff that needs attention - stuff to do.  Most of the time, we forget that we need to take time for ourselves - personal development, professional development, strengthening relationships - things like that.

Do you make the effort to stop and evaluate your life and see where you can make improvements or are you satisfied - completely satisfied - with everything right now?  The key to being successful is not to just say you will do something, but to take action and accomplish your goals.  If change was easy, everyone would do it.

In this months newsletter, I thought I would include some articles to help you help yourself.  Let me know what you think!

Happy New Year!

Get out of Debt in 2010
DEBT I found this great Article highlighting five key tips for helping you make some financial changes this year.  It has some straight-forward advice that everyone should find useful.
  1. Save $500
  2. Raise your credit scores
  3. Make a vow: no new debt
  4. Expect to live until you're (at least) 80
  5. Change your financial destiny
    • Start school
    • Change careers
    • Move to a new city
To read the full article, click here
Boosting Self-Esteem

Another great article I stumbled upon was in relation to self-esteem.  I subscribe to many email newsletters and have found that "Mind Tools" has consistently high quality material.  It covers career advice and advancement techniques, personal development and some high-level business strategies.

The self esteem article in a nutshell:

Think about yourself positively - The only person who can change your view of yourself is you! No one else can give you self-esteem - you have to build it by thinking about and using all of the positive things in your life. Make sure that you get into the habit of positive thinking, and learn how to detect and defeat patterns of self-sabotage. And be your own best cheerleader and supporter!
  1. Take pride in your accomplishments - CELEBRATE!
  2. Set goals
  3. Be consistent
  4. Remember that you aren't perfect
  5. Look after your physical self
To read the full article, click here
Strengthsfinder 2.0
I read a fantastic book this week that comes with an online self-assessment tool to help you identify your strengths.  It is by Tom Rath and titled Strengthsfinder 2.0

If you are unsure about what makes you unique, this is a great tool to use.  Once you have done the online assessment, you get a report with your top five strengths and details about the strengths and how to use them.

From there, you can focus on your personal branding with job search, your current employer or for decision making.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to go in for an interview and have an answer when they ask you, "what are your strengths?"  Or even know how to better leverage yourself at work?

Instead of saying, "I am a good planner,"  you could say, "One of my main strengths is that I am strategic.  This means that I am able to quickly spot relevant patterns and issues and that allows me to develop intelligent alternatives and ways to proceed."

How would you feel saying that?

I suggest buying this book.  It will give you a one-time use access code in the back allowing you to take the individual strengths assessment.

Check out www.strengthsfinder.com
Upcoming Events
Wednesday, January 13th
1:00pm - 3:00pm
Guest Speaker - Patti Petersen

Wednesday, February 3rd 
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Kinar Curry Lawyers
Guest Speaker - Gary Kinar
Make 2010 your best year yet! 


Joe Girard
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