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Spring 2012 MEM Newsletter
The Great Intersection
In this world of accelerating transformation, the boundaries between science, engineering technology, and medicine are blurring. Under these dynamic conditions, we face global challenges at a scale never before seen. Engineering plays a critical role in addressing our challenges. That's why we are building the McCormick School of Engineering at The Great Intersection: The intersection of global challenges and the knowledge needed to solve them.
This intersection provides a framework to view the world, and we are making strategic investments on reserach areas that will drive our progress in the coming years. These areas themselves intersect, and these focal points connect faculty throughout the school. At the core of our efforts is a commitment to create leaders who thrive at this intersection. Click on the video above to experience an expanded demonstration of our new mission and resources.
The MEM program has always been dedicated to the creation of technical leaders, uniquely equipped to develop solutions to the world's most complex problems. This is why we at the McCormick School, and particularly those of us involved in the MEM program, believe that we have truly entered The Age of the Engineer. The challenges we face today as a society require nothing less than the analytical skills and innovative capabilities that define technical
leaders. This ability to translate even the most abstract ideas into action within organizations and on into the marketplace is what we're all about.  As we face the great intersection, an MEM degree has never been more valuable.

McCormick Dean Julio M. Ottino has announced new leadership and a revised administrative structure for the Segal Design Institute.


"It has been five years since the launch of the Segal Design Institute, and we have accomplished a great deal since that time," says Ottino. "Our efforts have outgrown the structure that we had in place. The Institute has evolved to a point where it is poised to engage the broader Northwestern community in the domains of design, innovation, and creativity."


The Segal Design Institute was founded in 2007 following a gift from Crate & Barrel cofounders Gordon and Carole Segal. 


Greg Holderfield, codirector of the MMM Program and clinical associate professor of mechanical engineering, has been named director of the Segal Design Institute. Bruce Ankenman, professor of industrial engineering and management sciences, is codirector. 


"Greg and Bruce will provide valuable leadership as Segal works to expand its role throughout the University," Ottino says. "I want to thank Ed Colgate and Don Norman, the former directors, for their outstanding work in growing the Institute over the last five years. They have provided a solid base for our efforts."

Congratulations to Bruce!
Social Logos



The MEM Department has embarked on a social media outreach program to strengthen our community and increase our pool of qualified applicants. We have engaged Chicago-based firm Canteen Communications to assist us in developing a strategy and executing it across several linked digital platforms. 


We recently launched our new MEM Blog, a forum where alumni, students, companies, and anyone interested in engineering can engage in a dynamic, open, forward-thinking  conversation. Posts utilize polls, graphics, links to other blogs, and much more to keep users up-to-date on the current engineering industry, the NU MEM program, the benefits of earning an MEM degree, and all things engineering management. Current students and alumni have already embraced this platform and our numbers are growing every day. 


Associate Director Susan Fox reports encouraging feedback on the program, saying, "We're really just getting started but initial reaction has been positive. We have also gone paperless with our recruiting efforts, delivering invitations to our information sessions through an e-mail program that has produced record numbers of responses."


There are several ways to get connected: Through our MEM Web site, our Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter. We invite you to join us, share your opinions, and see where our social efforts take us. 



Students Talking



We have scheduled information sessions on 4/17 in Bensenville/O'Hare and on 4/25 in Evanston.  We appreciate the past support of MEM students and alumni in spreading the word about MEM to friends and colleagues who might benefit form the program. Please this newsletter to them.  
Link directly to Information Session registration forms here: Bensenville/O'Hare on 4/17 



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