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caterpilllar with white border
This tiny green caterpillar loves to eat the buds of ornamental & shade trees. Prevent defoliation and black droppings with safe, natural treatments in the early spring.
60 years
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Prune & Feed Trees
Prevent Winter Injury To Evergreens
Naturally Repel Deer From Destroying Trees & Shrubs
Tree Removal
Eco-Friendly Treatments To Guard Against Pests:
- Winter Moth Caterpillars
- Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
- Ticks
- Mosquitoes 
- Asian Longhorned Beetles
60 yrs Final
Cherry Blossom Tree
The weeks between Thanksgiving and January 1st are filled with lots of family activities - and winter moth mating season!  (You might have noticed hundreds of moths flying around your outdoor lights.)
This year's long, mild fall is going to result in an explosion of tiny green caterpillars feeding on your ornamental and shade trees this spring.
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Defoliated Oak Tree
When you lose an old oak tree to defoliation- it's like losing an old friend.  What once provided vibrant fall colors and shade from the hot summer sun - becomes an eye sore, affecting the aesthetic beauty and property value of your outdoor home. 
Our eco-friendly treatments prevent caterpillars from feeding on your leaves and insure a safe, outdoor living environment for families and pets.
Pruning, Removals, Planting and Transplanting Services through December 31, 2010
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Prevent Defoliation Safely & Naturally In Your Outdoor Home 
Prevent defoliation by spraying your ornamental and shade trees with safe, natural treatments this spring.  Our eco-friendly treatments prevent defoliation naturally - and - are not harmful to children or animals that play and live in your outdoor home.
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Cherry Blossom TreeIn Your Community
Installing the holiday tree on Boston Common has been a Maltby tradition for many years.  The 35 foot Fir tree was shipped from Nova Scotia and decorated with hundreds of bright, colorful
lights with help from Santa!