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Don't Be Bugged Out at BBQ's and Outdoor Parties! 
All the rain we received this year has wreaked havoc for many homes and communities.  Protect your outdoor home from annoying mosquitoes and disease carrying ticks, rodents and deer with these 4 Do-It-Yourself Bug Busting Tips!   Please be sure to call Lauren Maltby with any questions you might have (888) 567-7200.
1. Standing water is the prime breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your outdoor home by emptying water containers and keeping bird baths and pet bowls clean.  Check for water in old tires, children's outdoor toys and poor drainage areas.  If you would like to dramatically reduce insects before an outdoor party, please ask about our eco-friendly spray treatments and storm drainage solutions.
2. Ticks are a major carrier of lime disease and are frequently found on deer, chipmunks, squirrels and other small mammals.  Keep tick carrying rodents out of your yard by carefully raking up spillage from bird houses & feeders.  If you live near a field or heavily wooded area, please ask us how to naturally repel deer and rodents from your outdoor home.
3. Drought stress makes trees and shrubs more susceptible to insects and diseases.  Water your lawn frequently to help promote a lush outdoor home during summer's hot dormant season.  Water trees and shrubs once per week, making sure the soil is thoroughly wet at least 8 inches below the surface.  Adding a layer of mulch to hold in moisture will reduce leaching below the root zone as well as water runoff and puddling.  For large trees and estates, please ask about our drought control program & soil moisture management.
4. Want to crowd out crab grass? Grow a thicker lawn!  Prevent crab grass from growing in your outdor home by seeding and watering bare spots.  For large lawns & estates, please ask us about overseeding and fertilization treatments.            
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Pruning, Removals, Planting and Transplanting Services through December 31, 2010
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Protect Your Investment in Your Outdoor Home
At Maltby and Company and Natural Tree and Lawn Care, we believe that having a safe, clean living environment is just as important for your outdoor home as it is for your indoor home.Four Square  For over 60 years, we have been helping home owners and companies overcome the unique challenges of New England's four seasons and diverse landscapes by providing a one-stop-shop for tree removal, arbor care and landscape construction. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with innovative, cost effective solutions for protecting your investment in your outdoor home.
Doing Well by Doing Good In Your Community
For the past 30 years, the Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA) has held Arbor Day, a volunteer event in which professional tree companies join together to beautify public parks, reservations, community facilities and more.  This year the Arbor Day program was cancelled and replaced with an Arbor Day of Service.  This change asks companies to volunteer their time and resources to beautify a deserving location of their choice.  Dimock
As a veteran of over thirty annual Arbor Day celebrations, Maltby will continue to support this initiative by partnering with Natural Tree and Lawn Care, Grow Boston Greener
and others to  beautify the grounds of The Dimock Center in Roxbury, MA on April 24th. 
The Dimock Center has served the residents of the City of Boston since 1862, and is nationally recognized for delivering comprehensive health and human services in an urban community. Maltby has enjoyed a strong relationship with The Dimock for several years and will be providing tree removal, tree and flower planting and tree pruning as well as fertilization and installation of new flower gardens. Please join us in celebrating an Arbor Day of Service at The Dimock Center.