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Asian Longhorned
Beetle (ALB) Update
Asian Longhorned Beetle 
Asian Longhorned Beetles (ALB) were found in 6 trees on the grounds of Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain.  Although the trees have been removed, officials have quarantined a 1.5 mile area around the infested trees for investigation (view map of regulated area ). 
The last confirmed citing of the ALB in MA was in 2008, when 25,000 infested trees were cut down in the Worcester area to halt its spread.  The ALB has no known predator and once detected, can only be eradicated by destroying the host tree.
During the Worcester ALB project, Maltby and Company was actively involved in the eradication effort.  Maltby and Company is certified as compliant with the USDA and the MA DCR requirements for ALB contractors for the current outbreak.
If you suspect ALB is in your trees, call Maltby for a free ALB inspection at:
(888) 567-7200.
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Protect Your Outdoor Home from Asian Longhorned Beetles (ALB)
1. Identify Host Trees
2. Look for Signs
3. Don't be Fooled by Imposters (click here for look-alikes) 
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Where Can One Settle More Pleasantly Than in One's Outdoor Home?Paraphrased from Cicero (106-43 B.C.)  

The lazy, hazy days of summer are upon us and while most people are relaxing in the warm sun, everyone at Maltby and Company and  Natural Tree & Lawn Care are busy making sure your garden continues to bloom, your grass stays green and your family's events and celebrations are bug free in your outdoor home.  Please be sure to call Lauren Maltby with any questions you might have (888) 567-7200.
4 Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Home Beautiful All Summer Long
1. Mosquito Population Is Down but EEE Outbreak Threat is High!
According to the Bristol County Mosquito Project, the risk of mosquitos transmitting the EEE virus to humans "is ramping up quickly." Natural Tree can protect your outdoor home from mosquitos, ticks and other insects with safe and natural treatments.  Event driven sprays will surely reduce the chances of you and your guests getting bitten however, spraying on a periodic basis will actually reduce the mosquito population and make your outdoor home safe and pest free throughout the summer months.  The frequency with which you spray depends upon where you live.  For example, if you live near a wetland, Natural Tree will spray your outdoor home every 2-3 weeks from June through September, when cooler temperatures natually reduce the mosquito population.
2. Eco-Friendly Treatments Protect Your Trees & Shrubs From Turning Black
Do you have shrubs with leaves that are turning black?  Scale insects can create mold, turning green leaves black on otherwise healthy shrubs and trees.  They seek out and feed upon several varieties of plants such as holly, yews, cherry trees, lilacs, privet, azaleas and andromeda.  Since Scale are multigenerational, they reproduce several times during the growing season making them a recurring problem.  Eliminating or preventing Scale from damaging your plants requires regular treatments, as they evolve to find their host plants. At Natural Tree, our eco-friendly treatments help to protect your outdoor home from Scale by smothering these pests without damaging your plants.  Further, our horticultural treatments are not harmful to pets or humans.
3. Drought Relief Keeps Green Lawns From Turning Yellow
It is common for some people to believe that the several inches of rain we received this spring is sufficient to keep their lawn green all summer long.  However, lawns go dormant in the summer and all of the moisture your soil received this spring has dried up.  Your lawn requires about one inch of water per week and without it, your green grass will turn yellow.  Natural Tree helps your lawn stay green throughout summer's long droughts by applying a moisture retaining material that helps your soil retain water longer between rainfalls and prolongs the time between waterings.
4. Leaves of 3 - Let it Be!  Prevent Poison Ivy from Spreading In Your Outdoor Home
Poison Ivy is as natural to New England as apple pie is to America.  Its three green leaves contain a menacing oil that is just as potent when its leaves turn red in the fall.  Poison Ivy is typically spread by birds that eat its berries and deposit its seeds where ever they land - including trees, shrubs, flowers and bird baths.  Once in the soil, Poison Ivy's vines grows fast, creeping along the ground, crawling up bushes and trees and anything ornamental or vertical in your outdoor home.  Controlling Poison Ivy is tricky since its oil is in its leaves and vines, and remains active long after the plant has died.  Further, herbicides used to kill Poison Ivy can also kill surrounding plants and vegitation if not carefully applied.  Maltby professionally applies an eco-friendly herbicide to rid your outdoor home of Poison Ivy without damaging your desired plants.  Consider 2-3 treatments to keep Poison Ivy from coming back and reclaiming ornamental and high traffic areas in your outdoor home.
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Pruning, Removals, Planting and Transplanting Services through December 31, 2010
With Our Gratitude, The Maltby Family 
Protect Your Investment in Your Outdoor Home
At Maltby and Company and Natural Tree & Lawn Care, we believe that having a safe, clean living environment is just as important for your outdoor home as it is for your indoor home.Four Square  For over 60 years, we have been helping home owners and companies overcome the unique challenges of New England's four seasons and diverse landscapes by providing a one-stop-shop for tree removal, arbor care and landscape construction. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with innovative, cost effective solutions for protecting your investment in your outdoor home.
Doing Well by Doing Good In Your Community 
Bill and Hosts at Dimock            
We would like to give a special thank you to the organizers, sponsors and crews from Maltby and Company and Natural Tree for their hard work and controbutions to making Arbor Day at the Dimick Hospital a success!   
 (left to right : Bill Maltby, Marc Hansen, Sonia Chang-Diaz and Ruth Ellen Fitch)  
 Meet the Newest Member of Our Sales Team
Christian Bugbee has been a member of the Maltby and Company team for more than 10 years.  When he graduated from Norfolk County Agricultural High School Chris came to work on one of our aerial lift crews.  For the past 8 years, Chris has been a Foreman and a Safety Coordinator.  Recently, Chris accepted a position as an Arborist on our sales team.  As one of our knowledgeable and experienced Massachusetts Certified Arborists, you can call Chris to discuss all of your arbor care needs at: (800) 660-6572 X123.