People, Not Markets, Drive Sustainability


In this new Thought Leaders post, William Rees, professor at the University of British Columbia, urges us to rely on human capabilities ---- rather than markets ---- to achieve sustainability. Discover why we collectively need to take action and rise to our full human potential.

3 Ways SMEs Can Tackle ISO 14001


Many managers of small businesses would rather pay fines than navigate the complexities ---- and bear the costs ---- of ISO 14001. Sandrine Berger-Douce of the École des Mines de St-Étienne reveals three ways SMEs can overcome the challenges and tackle ISO 14001 certification.   

Culture Drives Market Value of Sustainable Firms


Business Case Topic Editor John Peloza reflects on recent research showing a culture of sustainability leads to better financial performance. Peloza notes that linking "high sustainability with higher financial performance is not a new finding. What is new are the cultural markers the authors find ---- markers that provide a solid theoretical link between sustainability and financial performance." 

Innovating for Sustainability: Workshop
October 30, 2012 

Is your company actively fostering innovation as part of its sustainability mandate? Sign up for NBS's half-day workshop on "Innovating for Sustainability." Hear about the latest research in sustainability-oriented innovation and learn what other leading companies are doing. The workshop takes place October 30, 2012 in Toronto, following an Ivey Idea Forum panel about sustainability innovation. Learn more and register.
Sustainable Innovation | Faculty Focus with Tima Bansal - October 2012 
Video: Executive Director Tima Bansal explains sustainable innovation. 

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