Our Baboon Moment:
How Businesses Can Create Peace


In this new Thought Leaders post, Timothy Fort, the Lindner-Gambal Professor of Business Ethics at The George Washington University School of Business, argues primates offers lessons in how to instill ethical business practices. He recommends three key business practices that can help society move toward peace. 

Innovating for Sustainability: Workshop
October 30, 2012 

Is your company actively fostering innovation as part of its sustainability mandate? Sign up for NBS's half-day workshop on "Innovating for Sustainability." Hear about the latest research in sustainability-oriented innovation and learn what other leading companies are doing. The workshop takes place October 30, 2012 in Toronto, following an Ivey Idea Forum panel about sustainability innovation. Learn more and register

Investors Reward Environmental Results ---- Not Targets


Does it pay for companies to be green? A new study reveals companies that show real results in environmental performance ---- such as lower carbon emissions ---- receive a premium from investors. Learn which environmental outcomes do ---- and don't ---- positively affect your company's financial performance

SME Offices
Successful SMEs Share Secrets

Small companies hate divulging how they make their products," says Robert Klassen, Professor of Operations Management at the Richard Ivey School of Business. But what happens when managers start working together as neighbours rather than viewing everyone as competition? Dr. Klassen shares how breaking down the barriers of secrecy can ultimately help small businesses

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