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Will Social Entrepreneurs Build a Sustainable Future?


In this new Thought Leader post, Mike Lenox from the University of Virginia's Darden School of Business argues we shouldn't be so quick to label traditional for-profit businesses as "evil" due to their monetary motivations, while hailing social entrepreneurism as our only hope. Instead, he maintains the important distinction may not be "for-profit" versus "non-profit" but rather the overall mission of the enterprise.  

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Making Sustainability Simple for SMEs

Businesses ---- no matter what their size ---- can make simple steps to prepare for the future. This new primer showcases the financial, environmental and social benefits of sustainability and highlights the simple and achievable actions small- to medium-sized businesses can take to reap these rewards. The primer also features a list of tools and resources for SMEs to further their social and environmental actions.
SME Offices
Small But Mighty Firms Make Proactive CSR Pay Off

Small businesses that actively pursue CSR perform better than their penny-pinching peers ---- even in tough economic times. Despite conventional wisdom which assumes SMEs lack the expertise and capital to invest in CSR, a new study reveals SMEs have unique characteristics that position them to pursue CSR in other ways. Read more.  

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