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New Post: Lessons From the Environment Help
Firms Evolve

In this new blog post, Giles Hutchins argues that organizations should look to nature for inspiration on how to operate in a dynamic business environment. Hutchins outlines six principles organizations can embed in order to create adaptable, creative and collaborative working environments. Read more



Corporations often make charitable donations towards humanitarian organizations following disasters, even when the firm itself is hurting. One reason: firms hope their stakeholders will recognize the company's goodwill and reward it with loyalty. New research looking at the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina reveals firms aren't usually rewarded in practice ---- and suggests where firms should invest instead. Read more.

SME Offices

New research reveals how small- to medium-sized enterprises can be rewarded in the marketplace by implementing three interconnected sustainability strategies: pollution prevention, product stewardship and sustainable development. Read more.


We are delighted to announce that Maya Fischhoff has joined the Network for Business Sustainability as the new Knowledge Director. Maya will be responsible for developing and overseeing NBS's knowledge products, including systematic reviews.


Maya holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, where she studied the role of employees in corporate sustainability efforts. She comes to NBS from Michigan State University, where she helped direct the university's Environmental Science and Policy Program. She has also worked in environmental non-profits, business and government.


If you would like to contact Maya, please do so here.  

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