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Consumers Care More in Public

What's the best way to position products and policies that encourage consumers to go green? Is it better to highlight the cost savings or the environmental benefits? In this new blog post, Business Case Topic Editor John Peloza reveals that "[Companies using] an appeal that signals self-interest on the part of the consumer in public settings ... may be sabotaging their own environmental initiatives." Read more.



A strong organizational identity helps improve group cohesion, increase job performance and decrease turnover. But is there such a thing as too much loyalty? New research suggests that employees who feel indebted to their organization can be at risk for making bad choices to protect the firm ----- like destroying documents or ignoring environmental regulations to boost financial performance Read more


While the majority of companies believe CSR boosts a firm's share price and reputation, a new study reveals that the boost depends on your brand. CSR can reduce the value consumers put on luxury brands like Rolex and Lexus that are built upon the pursuit of perfection. But, tweaking how CSR is communicated can put your brand back on track. Read more.


Learn more about the achievements and growth of the Network for Business Sustainability in 2011.

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