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New Post: Transforming Towards the Firm of the Future

A new post authored by Giles Hutchins of Atos International argues that firms need to let go of old business paradigms in order to thrive in the future. Hutchins outlines the four key practices your business can put into place in order transform your organization into a "firm of the future." Learn more.  

In a new paper featured in the Academy of Management Perspectives, Tima Bansal, Stephanie Bertels, Tom Ewart, Peter MacConnachie and James O'Brien share their experiences navigating the interface between research and practice in The Culture Project. Learn more about how organizations can help build more sustainable businesses by leveraging the best of academic and industry knowledge. 

Although firms that are involved in a public scandal, on average, typically suffer significant declines in share price, CSR creates a layer of protection. Firms seen as "doing good" in the community face less punishment from the market during a scandal. Read more.  


Managers seeking to promote their new eco-product should start by looking to their current green customers. A new study reveals that buyers of environmentally-conscious vehicles are more content with their cars and more willing to purchase again. They're also excellent at persuading others to make the switch to green. Read more.      


Join us online Tuesday, April 10 when Dr. Joseph Arvai reveals the research findings from the recently released report Decision-making for Sustainability. He'll help managers understand how to overcome roadblocks and enable their companies to start making sustainable choices. Register for free.

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