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Issue: 33 April /2010

Indian dentists are attracting foreigners for dental treatments in India and thus boosting Dental Tourism Industry. In this issue we will discuss Dental Tourism  opportunities in India-It's challenges and Rewards.  In many developed countries dental treatments are practically in accessible either due lack of insurance, high cost of dental surgery or long queue. Even an individual with dental insurance could not afford any major dental surgery or implant as the reimbursements is only a fraction of his/ her surgery cost, compelling the citizens of developed countries to fly for dental travel. 

Global healthcare issues 
The rising cost of healthcare in US registers one third of its population living without dental insurance, even insured and underinsured citizens struggles because a surgery may cost around $ 3,000 to $ 15,000 per tooth and the insurers reimbruse $ 1,000 to $ 1,500 per year. Only bare minimum treatments or procedures are covered under insurance and not costly, cosmetic or laser dentistry surgery. Facing the consequences individuals prefer travelling for dental treatments as it assures world class surgery for a best burgeon in an exotic destinations, without long waiting period. Hence despite the recession Asian countries (Healthcare providing destinations) specially, India registers a robust growth in dental tourism, a subset of the fast growing medical tourism industry. As very few but remarkable factors determine the flow of international dental patients to India.
Without elevating overall standard of Indian Dental industry, we cannot improve our brand image. Without government support we cannot achieve this.- Dr. Bellie, Indian Dental Association.
Factors boosting Indian dental tourism   

Dental TourismDental education in India has evolved from its first dental college in 1928 to more then 283 dental colleges, rolling out close to 18,000 dentists annually. 

From more then 88,000 practising dentist a sizable number of Indian dentists have studied or practised in western countries like US, UK, Finland and UAE or Saudi Arabia as well.   
The qualifications of Indian dentist or active professionals providing dental treatments are meaningful & verifiable. With the highest ratings of medical standards, Indian dentist academic tradition & training are govern by strict laws.
The cost, infrastructure, services, surgery equipments and dental surgery outcomes in India are outstanding and quite comparable to that of international healthcare providers in developed world
Indian dentist can offer many 1 or 2 day dental procedures that can fit into one's tourism schedule.
Riding the expectation   
Denatl Check
Besides being convenient, least expensive, best in delivering quality and most sorted out destination for dental travel, Indian dental tourism falls short of expectations when compared to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Costa Rica.
Retired Major General (Dr) PN Awasthi, Secretary, Dental Council of India, said
"There are 88,000 registered dentists in India. But there is no mechanism to correlate the demand and supply ratio." 
IWHTA therefore interviewed Indian dentist, for their take on, what are the obstacles in Indian dental tourism model and how could we overcome them to attract more international patients.   
Dr. (Capt) R. Bellie 
Dr Rama BillieDr Bellies, International committee chairman-Indian Dental Association.
(An association of Indian dentist with more 50,000 members and state wise chapter across the country) 
He said current suggested overall health policy is very old and needs a big time revision through workshops and involving small dentists. He insists that individual dentists should get institutional support to advance their knowledge and techniques otherwise dental standard will improve in only urban pockets. If we do not elevate overall standards then no one believe that Indian Dentists has very good quality and safety standards.
Expecting a firm stand of government in supporting the industry and individual dentists he explains, the need for joint representation of health dept & practising dentist on a global platform. He also insists on allowing  access to valuable data for referring and redesigning the overall health policy with focus on dental tourism.
Dr Rakesh Verma 
Dr Rakesh Verma

There is a strong need to educate or create awareness among the foreigners visiting India for dental treatments. To help overcome their prejudice and fears about

1.   The quality of materials used 
2.   Lab work 
3.   Academics, experience, practise, surgery  outcome and skills. 
4.   Discripancy in charges for local & international patients. 
5.   Unwanted marketing for a procedure not at all required.
6.   The local tour operators and hotel staff

When they are already saving so much by getting treatment here in India, they should opt for best of hospitals or clinic. Various prior information should be handy before one decides to visit India. 

Dr. Vikram (Dr Trivikram Rao) 
 Dr Vikram
A graduate from Bangalore University
Dr Vikram feels having a firm desire to offer international quality treatment procedures at affordable cost to the patients from developed countires where the cost is the main prohibiting factor for them could drive Indian dental tourism.
Further he suggests offering more of less time consuming dental surgeries, "treatments possible in a single sitting" could help convert international tourists visiting India into probable dental patients.
Following the developments & growth of dental specialty clinics, dental hospitals & dental spa Dr. Vikram also sees it necessary to have a special accreditation program. As it helps assure the quality commitments of a healthcare provider  in international market.  
Dr Alka Banker
Dr Alka BankerWorries of a dental tourist in India
Most of international dental tourist are suspicious baout about the competence of a doctor, the cleanliness and hygiene practise of a clinic.
Overcoming the general opinion about Indians being dirty could help the dentist a lot so first...
1.  Good oral hygiene practices.
2.  Good sterilization - that can be seen by all
3.  Good & clean surroundings (esp toilets, waiting rooms, staff

Change in perception for Indian dentist globally.
Attending international conferences and representing yourself world wide by participating in or delivering lectures.
Better online presence. 
A good web-site with immediate reply to e-mails.  Skype phone to answer their doubts and help with getting Indian documents and formalities.
Dr Balvinder S Thakkar 

Dr Balvinder ThakkarIn his experience with international patients he noticed that quality remians the major issue, followed by fear of unknown and fear of failure.

At Jaipur dental hospital we try showing them the testimonials and videos of the patients of same origin who got treated for similar dental surgery in our hospital & let the patient be at ease to decide without imposing. To overcome the fear of failure we give authenticated warranty cards for major procedure done and in case of any issues post surgery, we try to network through (Indian Dental Association) Indian dentists overseas to reslove their issues. 

European Medical Travel Conference 2010



European Medical Travel Conference 2010


European Medical Travel Conference 2010

May 5 - 7, 2010. Venic, Italy, Europe
This will be the first time for Italy to host the EMTC, the largest medical travel conference in Europe.  The main scope of the EMTC is to provide a platform for networking, discussion, and cooperation for the worldwide medical travel industry.
One outstanding goal of the congress is to drive global healthcare integration in the interest of patients and medical outcomes. Since no institution worldwide is responsible for this process, we want to encourage the stakeholders,  decision makers of this industry  and political experts to become involved in the release of the Venice Declaration of Medical Tourism 

Asia Medical Tourism & Wellness Congress 2010 


Glow 2010 May 13 - 14, 2010. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

GLOW 2010 will be a significant regional event to the SPA and the Medical Tourism industry, as it provides a networking ground for wellness industries and it will be a place to spread the wellness concept to the corporate world.  
Health Beauty Fitness Lifestyle Asia 2010 


Medical Tourism Expo 2010 
 Medical Tourism Expo 2010Mumbai, India 
The innovation of having medical treatment abroad could be a global choice to overcome the rising health care costs and yet provide better treatments. To be noticed within the industry and the globally health care seekers register your stand at IWHTA forthcoming event.

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