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Malaysia Boleh

One of Asia's economic powerhouses and most popular tourist destinations, Malaysia is using variety of techniques to re-brand the nation and make it medical tourism hub by offering best infrastructure, top of its class medical treatment through renowned doctors and equipments, value added hospitality with special rates, spectacular hotels, beautiful locations and a reputation for professionalism and flair.
Malaysia Boleh ( means Malaysia can do it.)

Malaysia Boleh - 1
'Malaysia Boleh'- a slogan that has encouraged Malaysians to do almost anything possible, and now they are keen to make Malaysia a top medical tourism destination in the world. This is the country where all the agencies are actively promoting medical tourism. Government of Malaysia - Ministry of Health is giving ground breaking incentives to health care providers and at the same time setting and facilitating central agencies like Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council, an advisory committee chaired by Minister for Health and overseeing many other health care related associations. Private Hospitals and other providers are actively promoting and participating in discussions and dialogue about medical tourism. Facilitators are implementing and adding values to make patient's treatment safer, warm, enjoyable and best in the world. Everyone in Malaysian health care industry is excited and wants to implement more value added services. They are like a family, laughing at tough situations together and solving big problems together. We heard views and plans from Malaysia Ministry of Health, private and public hospital CEOs, business development executives, healthcare travel facilitators and professors. Top leaders of Malaysian Healthcare industry were present at one recent Asia Business Forun conference in Kuala Lumpur. Here is the highlights of the IWHTA supported, 'Service excellence and sustainability in Malaysian medical tourism and travel Conference' that took place on March 28 - 29,2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
Donate A Surgery-An innovative marketing strategy for MT.
Mr Naresh Jadeja  Naresh Jadeja
President of IWHTA did presentation on IWHTA's core value based service initiative, 'Donate a Surgery-An innovative marketing strategy'. It was first time in the world that this topic was presented as an innovative marketing strategy to spread most effective word of mouth publicity. Projections and rewards were presented which would make it one of the best effective marketing strategies to enter in US market. It received a great response. Group hospitals wanted to have Malaysia specific project and expressed their desire to be a part of it.
Overview of Medical Tourism in Asia 
Prof. Dr. Badaruddin Mohamed 
Deputy Dean at the Institute of post graduate studies, University Sains Malaysia gave an overview of the medical tourism in Asia and discussed pro and cons of medical tourism and key to success. He shared his expertise on the impact of healthcare globalization has on patients, providers, payers and government.
Attracting International Patients through world class medical treatments.
Mr. Amir Firdaus Abd 


CEO of Gleneagles Hospital KL, Mr. Amir, did presentation on attracting international patients through world class medical services, and who else can talk more on this topic other then Dynamic CEO of one of the top hospitals in KL? In a separate issue I will talk about my personnel visit to this hospital and how Ritz Carlton hospitality culture is becoming a part of this hospital. It is a benchmark hospital where you will see everyone, from door man to CEO adding value and providing warm and cozy atmosphere for patients.
Benchmarking Malaysia's Health Tourism Vs. Singapore and Thailand.

Damien Duhamel & Mr Naresh Jadeja

Managing Director Asia, Solidiance, presented 'Benchmarking Malaysia's health tourism destination Vs. Singapore and Thailand.' He shared his experience while advising Singapore tourism board and MOH on medical tourism strategy.  He applied patient's mind set of pull factors for Medical Tourism and discussed new developing medical tourism markets based on his experience and research.
Medical Challenges  in Health Tourism.
Dr. Lee Moon Keen Dr Lee Moon Keen
Director for Alpha Specialist Centre applied his experience in identifying medical challenges in health tourism. She discussed problems while dealing with international patients in terms of
1. Information gap,
2. Social History,
3. Time constraints and long term follow up,
4. Cultural issues,
5. Need of soft skill training,
6. Cultural sensitivities and Religious beliefs.
One example of cultural miss communication and medico legal implication was discussed which is published as a book. ('The spirit catches you and you fall down.')  
Implementing flexible plans for small and medium dental clinics.  
Dr. How Kim Chuan,  

Dr How Kim Chuan-Naresh Jadeja

President-Elect of Malaysian Dental Association presented possibilities of dental tourism and identified Korea and china as major upcoming dental tourism market for Malaysia. Malaysia has 39% international patients coming from Australia and majority of those sought dental implant treatment followed by crown-bridge, and orthodontics treatments. He very well represented small and medium dental clinics and its competitive approaches.
Medical Tourism and Ambulatory Care Center   
Dr. Robert P. Jalleh  Dr Robert P Jalleh
Chairman of Alpha Specialist Center presented importance of Ambulatory care centers and need to have a shift of patient's mind-set.  External and internal implications of the medical tourism eco system were presented and obstacles in health insurance system were discussed.
Exploring Medical Tourism Market  for Dental Tourism. 
Dr. Lee Soon Boon  Dr Lee Soon Boon
President of Malaysian Dental Association spoke on exploring medical tourism market for dental tourism. As a member of Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council he expressed desire to have another member from dental sector to better represent dental tourism scope and opportunities. He talked about 6 phenomenon of dental tourism.
Leveraging on Eye Health care.
Dr Choong Yee Foone D  Dr Choong Yee Foone D
Medical Director for International Specialist Eye Center Malaysia discussed opportunities and infrastructure availability in Malaysia for eye healthcare. He insists on leveraging cost advantage and same quality outcomes. Also availability of new technology is greatly demanded in international patients. He discussed how word of mouth can give a brand image to your institution 

Tapping into the potential of Health care market and Medical Tourist.   
Mr. Ahmad Nasirrudin Harun  Mr Ahmad Nasirrudin Harun
 CEO of KPJ Ipoh Hospital, discussed drivers for developing medical tourism program. He emphasize on creating effective operational processes and measuring operational performances. His light approach to this presentation was a refreshing experience.  
Exploring patients market for EMT    
Mr Kuljit Singh   

Consultant Surgeon  for Price Court Medical Center talked about exploring patient market for EMT. He short listed few procedures like - diving related problems, sleep disorders etc and explained why one should avoid some airway surgeries which need long observation time and could be life threatening at some point.  

IWHTA newsletter archive   

IWHTA newsletter archive 
European Medical Travel Conference 2010    

EMTC 2010

May 5 - 7, 2010. Venic, Italy, EuropeEuropean Medical Travel Conference 2010
This will be the first time for Italy to host the EMTC, the largest medical travel conference in Europe.  The main scope of the EMTC is to provide a platform for networking, discussion, and cooperation for the worldwide medical travel industry.
One outstanding goal of the congress is to drive global healthcare integration in the interest of patients and medical outcomes. Since no institution worldwide is responsible for this process, we want to encourage the stakeholders,  decision makers of this industry  and political experts to become involved in the release of the Venice Declaration of Medical Tourism
Asia Medical Tourism & Wellness Congress 2010 
 Glow 2010

May 13 - 14, 2010. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
 Glow 2010
GLOW 2010 will be a significant regional event to the SPA and the Medical Tourism industry, as it provides a networking ground for wellness industries and it will be a place to spread the wellness concept to the corporate world.  
Medical Tourism Expo 2010     

Medical Tourism Expo 2010

2010, Mumbai, India  International Wellness and Healthcare Travel Association
The innovation of having medical treatment abroad could be a global choice to overcome the rising health care costs and yet provide better treatments. To be noticed within the industry and the globally health care seekers register your stand at IWHTA forthcoming event.
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