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The essentials for international hospitals.

In this issue we are going to feature our discussion with Mr. Daniel Snyder, President of Asia Pacific Health Partners and ex. CEO of Parkway Group of Hospitals. He explains what is important - field offices, online presence,  accreditation, quality or marketing?

Mr Dan Synder, 
President of Asia Pacific Health Partners
(ex. CEO of Parkway Group of Hospitals)  
Dan Synder 
Dan and his team have over 100 years experience leading the finest integrated healthcare systems in North American and across Asia, the Middle East and Australia.   Serving the premier private and publics health systems, Dan and team are leaders in strategy, planning, integration, mergers and buliding upon the best international practices for clinical, service and operational excellence.
What role does a government support play in the development of countries medical tourism industry?
Government of Malaysia and Singapore is very active in promoting medical tourism industry in their country. For example, Singapore Tourism Board initiated a separate organization to promote Singapore's healthcare industry. Under the name of 'Singapore Medicine' it does few things.

1. It creates close co ordination between government tourism board and private healthcare industry. This Public-Private co ordination brings values to this relationship and improved communication brings faster policy results.

2. 'Singapore Medicine' has become a national brand now. All Singapore hospitals speak under the umbrella of 'Singapore Medicine'. They present themselves under that brand and their presence is widely seen because of the combined efforts.
However it is not simple to create this public private co ordination. It needs vast resources and government support. Administrators in government should be very clear about the outcomes and each individual partner should believe in the core values or the organization. If someone can manage this, then as we have seen through Singapore's example, it is really rewarding.
You were the CEO of parkway group of hospital which has more than 40 field offices throughout the world. What as per you is more important, online presence or field offices?
In order to brand your image and attract international patients there are many factors then only two. You should have outstanding web presence but also should have outstanding healthcare management system, very high quality of surgery equipments, doctors as well as field offices. Without any of these you cannot see a complete growth of your hospital.
You lead Parkway health hospitals to a new height, what is the secret behind it?

Secret of success is parkway health's Strategic priorities. Focusing on these priorities helped us achieve many milestones.
1. People: It was our priority to attract, develop and retain employees. Co ordination of doctors-nurses and Para medical staff is very important and we tried to improve communication between them.
2. Quality: We achieved the best documented clinical outcomes. Documented clinical outcomes are very important for the patients. It creates sense of security them.
3. Service: To attain highest levels of service excellence.
4. Finance: To meet and exceed our financial goals and targets.
5. Growth: To grow the system per our strategic plans. We promote our growth by expanding network of hospitals, through international healthcare travel meetings and advertised our best documented clinical outcomes.
What factors are very important to get into international medical tourism market and have a share of it?
A hospital should have a strong online presence and great information available about their equipments, machines, skilled doctors, facilities.

Hospital should be a part of an association and should be member of organized marketing efforts.
Hospital should be able to show that there is no difference between my hospital and any top of the class hospital when it comes to clinical results and outcomes.
A great Doctor - Nurse co ordination is required during and after any medical treatment.
Hospital should measure customer satisfaction in terms of clinical outcomes, service, comfort and safety and market these as their advantages.
Is Accreditation important for medical value seekers or international patients? What is your opinion?
Accreditation is very important, not only for international patients but also for local patients. It shows your standard of care, patient safety and proper system to handle data, procedures and surgery results. If hospital wants to get into medical tourism field then Accreditation is must. There is JCI and also some countries' has its own individual programs like Singapore, Malaysia and India has its own national level accreditation program. JCI standard is undoubtedly accepted at international level as it is the only international accreditation program.  So whether we like it or not, Accreditation is very important.
Mr. Naresh JadejaMr Naresh Jadeja
President IWHTA 
Mr. Jadeja is active in many associations and understands patients perspective very well. He believes that for a hospital: promoting qualitative healthcare options globally stands as the most important factor, low cost, hospital environment and other services are all secondary. To promote this, He is working towards bringing  transparency in hospital's quality data reporting through IWHTA. He is a big advocate of charity in healthcare sector, promoting organization's 'Donate a Surgery' program in US and international level.