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"If If you like creepy and mysterious, this is the house for you! Every room opens a door to magic, true horror, and amazing surprises. I loved wandering around in these books. With a house of so many great, haunting stories, why would you ever want to go outside?"
-R.L. Stine (Goosebumps)

 "Dreamhouse Kings is a non-stop action ride into history's wildest adventures. It's my new favorite series!"
   -Slade Pearce, teen actor
(October Road, Yours, Mine & Ours)

"A powerhouse storyteller delivers his most fantastic ride yet!"
-Ted Dekker (Black, Chosen & Infidel)

"To call the Dreamhouse Kings series a young adult novel is not to do this splendid tale justice. With Harry Potter sadly retired, here is a series ready to step in and fill that massive void. It whisks us away across a brilliant landscape of imagination and adventure. A new and future classic in the world of young adult fiction."
-Jon Land (The Seven Sins)
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The final chapter of the Kings' adventures through time...
The wait is over! Frenzy, the sixth and final book in the Dreamhouse Kings action-adventure series for young adults, is now available. So if you're ready for the last (and wildest) ride... pick up a copy and hold on tight!
Frenzy: Three Reviews

Let me say it

I've been on a wild and incredible journey, traveling to amazing and dangerous worlds and going on adventures that boggle the mind. All from the comfort of my own safe, secure, portal-free home.

I've enjoyed some of the best reading ever, courtesy of master storyteller Robert Liparulo, and his magnificent creation: the Dreamhouse Kings series. For six books I've traveled with Xander, David (Dae), Toria and Dad...all looking for Mom.

I've met some heart-warming characters, like Jesse and Kael. I've also gotten acquainted with some vicious and vile creations...longing for them to meet their doom. Along the way I've had my imagination stretched far and wide, and watched the threads of a seriously epic story weave together.

Portals into the unknown...gateways into moments in the Civil War...Atlantis...and a history of a house that is almost unbelievable.

But Robert Liparulo makes it believable...enough so that you'll be careful around linen closets and school lockers for a long, long time!

And it all culminates in this sixth volume, Frenzy...and what a frenzy of events this is. Will the Kings find Mom? Can they all make it out alive? Will the mystery of their house be solved? And can the madman behind it all be stopped?

One scene in particular had me in tears at its simple beauty...and its truth. Once you've read the book, you'll know exactly which one I mean. Another had me wanting to cheer out loud at the heroism and cleverness shown. Again, you'll know it when you read it.

Robert Liparulo has created a masterpiece that tops anything else in the teen market today. His books may not have the length of Harry Potter, but they have a more powerful message. They may not have vampires and romance...but you can sink your teeth into these meaty pieces of fiction!

Make the Dreamhouse Kings a part of your collection. Begin with House of Dark Shadows and continue on to Frenzy...not missing a page in between. The suspense truly does build to a climatic conclusion...that really isn't the end.
- Deena Peterson, A Look at My Bookshelf

Wow....I thought Whirlwind was as good as the series could get. Frenzy makes the previous books look like episodes of Barney.  OK, so not really, but it is spectacular, with its heart-pounding adventures and non-stop action. Then again, this whole series has excelled at high-octane, intense action sequences with barely enough time for the reader to catch their breath.  Believe it or not though, Frenzy kicked the action up another notch.

Throughout the series, Liparulo has graced us with some imaginative scenes and adventures from the past.  Not only has it brought history alive for the readers, it's also given them a chance to contemplate the past relating to the future.  In this book, Liparulo finally pulls all those threads together and gives the reader a view of the picture he's been painting.  All those brutal settings and harrowing adventures the King family has endured, does in fact have a point and a purpose. I love how all these various pieces were finally put together.  It made a great series even better.

I don't think Liparulo could have picked a better setting for the King's last journey through the portals. I'd love to discuss it, with all the beauty the event represents, but unfortunately, that would spoil one of the best scenes in the series.  Let's just say that the best is saved for last, and the delivery is really beyond words.

When I picked up House of Dark Shadows two years ago, I knew Liparulo had started a great series that's perfect for readers of all ages.  However, I could never have predicted how good this series would be, or how well he could continue to extend and heighten the drama.  It's been a privilege to read these books and I'm glad it's around for my kids to read.  Throughout, the reader is reminded of their place in history-their destiny.  It's an important concept, regardless of age. 

As I've said a hundred times since this series started, this is an awesome series.  To not read it is missing out on a wonderful adventure.  It's an excellent story, with excellent writing, and excellent themes-all around outstanding.  I can't wait for what Liparulo has lined up for the future.
- Melissa Willis,

It's only been a little more than a week since the Kings moved to the Victorian mansion known as the old Koenig place, but in that week they've lived several lifetimes - nearly literally. The adventure began in House of Dark Shadows when the Kings discovered that the house contained portals to other places throughout time. The Kings' adventure unfolds throughout the following books in the series. They, along with the reader, learn more about this mysterious house and its connection to their family. Each book ratchets up the tension, accelerates the pace, and sends the Kings into more and more dangerous scenarios. By the time you reach Frenzy, things are about to snap.

But Frenzy is the end. Well it's not the end of the Kings' story, more like the conclusion to this series. Unlike each of its predecessors, Frenzy does not begin where the previous book leaves of. In fact, here Liparulo does some time jumping of his own and sets the prologue in the near future. The events of the future show the reader just what is at stake and handcuffs us to the book, making it impossible to put down.

The weary and beaten down Kings, with help from Keal, determine to once and for all take hold of their destiny by defeating Taksidian, finding Mom, and fixing the future. Spanning past and present, from Atlantis to the set of the movie Predator, the battle rages on. And just when all hope is lost and the future seems too big to change, too inevitable to delay, too frightening to face, the Kings find themselves thrown into a portal that changes everything and prepares them for the finish.

In this stunning conclusion to the epic series, Robert Liparulo has crafted a can't-put-down experience that sucks the reader into the story. For five books, he's put the Kings through the wringer but with this conclusion draws out the themes of redemption and salvation that make the Kings' journey through the valley of the shadow of death worth it all. And in the end, well it's not an end. It's a beginning.

- Josh Olds, Fiction Addict Top 100 Teen Fiction
#1 on Barnes & Noble's Teen Thriller and Fantasy Pre-Orders
Approved by Scholastic and the Accelerated Reader program
With Frenzy finished, what's next?
This first Dreamhouse series ends with Frenzy, but the Kings will return: The next series is not about the Dreamhouse, but I think you'll like it. It's called Hunter, and will tell the story of two teens, a boy and a girl, who are trying to survive in a world in which most of mankind has been wiped out by a virus. They have to find the cure before it mutates and kills everyone else, and before a band of bad guys finds it. Of course, it'll have a lot of adventure and suspense. Each Hunter book will include a Dreamhouse Kings short story, and then, after Hunter, I'm planning on writing another Dreamhouse series. Long live the Kings!
And so... our Dream the Scene contest continues!
berserkerThe future Dreamhouse Kings stories means additional chances to win an iPod Nano and get credit for helping me send the Kings on more wild adventures. Just let me know where the family should go in time and what they find there. I'll select three more winners. Watch the Dreamhouse Kings website for more information...coming soon.

International Thriller Writers' Profile

Novelist Gary Kriss interviewed me for the International Thriller Writers' Big Thrill publication. We talked about Frenzy, The 13th Tribe, balancing adult and YA fiction, and advice for writers:

Be afraid, be very afraid . . . .

Robert Liparulo is in the house.


You know the house. Yeah, that house. The one where the King family lives and the dreams--make that nightmares--dwell. The one where you step through a door and end up somewhere back in time, fighting gladiators or stuck in a medieval torture chamber.

Got the picture now? Good, because this month you can also get the book, the final installment in the already classic series The Dreamhouse Kings. It's called Frenzy, which might best describe the state of Liparulo's waiting fans--and They Are Legion--who'll be flocking to find out whether Mom King--perhaps the most famous mother in a spooky house since Psycho--kidnapped and hidden somewhere in time for five previous books, makes it back home.


Xander, David & Toria on Facebook!
Did you know the King kids have their own Facebook pages? I don't know when they find the time to post news from the Dreamhouse, but somehow they do. They've even been spotted sending their friends clues to the house's mysteries or popping by to say "Hi." Click on the pictures below to become their Facebook friends...and you know they really need some friends!