If Jesus appeared and said to the American Church,
"I have all power. Go make disciples of the whole world,
and I will go with you."


What would we do?

92% of American homes would have a bible, each person would have four
& $500 million would be spent each year buying more. We would spend, or borrow, $500 Billion annually building new churches, where we could sing love songs to Jesus, & hold unofficial contests to see who could build the biggest. The most famous singers, entertainers, & speakers would come & entertain us with Christian songs & messages on how we could have more money, a bigger house, nicer car, & a better life. We might also "just enjoy God's presence", before  returning home to our "iLife" and iTechnology.

I guess we would basically do what
we are doing now.

But, is that what
Jesus said to do??

Dusty Kemp
Most would answer the question posed by the title with, "
God loves me", & maybe quote John 3:16. Some might say, "He loves me and sent His Son to die for me". The only conclusion to draw from these answers is this:  "The object of Christianity is me". That explains a lot.

It explains why the American version of Christianity puts a premium on things that make Jesus sick. He does get sick. Read Rev. 3:16 and research the original word. Ask the Laodiceans. Wait, you can't. They don't exist anymore. They must have been "spit" out.

It explains why I choose the church that I think would be best for me and the plans I have for my family. It is why no one wants to hear a message at church unless it will help their comfort, happiness, and children. "Don't tell me I have to deny myself. I don't want to give up any of my luxuries and possessions. I don't want to hear about the 30,000 little kids who died last night from hunger and dirty water." I could go on and on. You know what I mean. You can't spell America without me.

Who Wrote This Bible?

The American Gospel doesn't seem to read like the Bible. What matters here is Big... as in offerings, crowds, buildings, bank accounts, houses, etc. We believe that these are signs that God's blessing is upon us.

Jesus never said or acted like that these big things mattered.
In fact, what He did say, we have ignored or changed to fit our own personal desires. The result has been that we have lost our power & credibility in the world, and more importantly, possibly our right-standing with God.

In Luke 14:25,26 Jesus said, "You can't be My disciple if
you don't hate your own father, mother, wife, children,
brothers, sisters, and even your own life".

He went on to say, "Count the cost" before deciding to
follow Him. Jesus concluded with the definition of the cost...
"None of you can be My disciple who does not give
up all of his own possessions." (Luke 14:33)

When He called Peter, James, & John, they left
- nets, boats, fish, & their father - to follow Him.
Matthew left the tax office. Everyone who followed, had to
leave everything and everyone to experience what Jesus had for them.

But this isn't the story of everyone He called. Many had things they needed to do first. "Let me first say good-bye to those at home", (Luke 9:61) "Allow me first to bury my father". (Luke 9:59) Others, like the rich, young, ruler, simply couldn't leave it all, (Mark 10:17-)
so they missed it all.

We say we wish we had lived in the days when Jesus was on the earth. But what would we do if He had looked at us and said, "Follow Me"? When we gave Him our life to Him and confessed Him as Lord, He did say, "Follow Me". So what are we doing now?

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