Do We Really Want to Go Back?

Sometimes I find myself longing for the America of old, you know, the "Christian America".
In those days teachers were supported if the student acted-up in class, and you were in even more trouble when you got home. Houses didn't need to be locked at night, and kids could roam the streets without fearing they would be kidnapped. Homosexuals were in the closet, adultery was taboo, divorce was the exception, and getting pregnant meant quietly getting married. On Sundays, stores were closed and people went to church.  Ah, to live in the good old days in the culture of "Christian America". But wait...

·  There were approximately 3500 recorded lynchings of African-Americans,
    and 1500 of Caucasian-Whites, from post-Civil War through the early 1960's,
    mostly in the southern part of the United States. The Bible Belt! These were  
    mob-induced executions, carried-out without a trial. Usually there was no 
    punishment for the perpetrators. The whites were killed for standing up for
    equal rights.

·  Until Segregation basically ended in the 1960's, whites and African-Americans
   had separate businesses, restaurants, places in the American military, civil
   services, bathrooms, water fountains, schools, neighborhoods, and of course,    

·  In those "Christian" days, there was not a church in every part of every city like  
   today, where someone believes in miracles, will pray for you to be healed, and
   teach the full and complete Word of God.

·  Many went to church their whole lives and never heard a message on how to be
   saved. They did however, learn all about the denomination's doctrines and rituals.

·  Church Attendance?...40-44% Today...40-44%

·  Knowing about the Holy Spirit giving a believer an intimate relationship with the
   Father was almost unheard of.

How "Christian" was it back then? I'm not the judge. It certainly was "religious". But as for Christ-like, it's not for me to say. I just wanted to present the complete picture, as it really was. The Pharisees in Jesus day thought they were godly, but they hated Samaritans. That is the whole point to Jesus telling the parable of the Good's all about Love!

Rather than wasting anymore time longing for a time that once was, (that may have been more evil than we ever might have imagined,) let us press forward to a new day that we have never  experienced

13  one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies   
14  I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God
 in Christ Jesus.
  (Philippians 3)