It was Their Pain, Not Yours

The German concentration camps of World War II were as close to Hell on earth as one could experience. 25 out of 26 people who entered did not come out, but died from some form of inhumane treatment. An Austrian psychiatrist who survived, wrote a best selling book chronicling his experience. He noted that upon release, many survivors had no regard for the property of those who had not been imprisoned. It was as if they should be made to pay for their good fortune.

This same thing happens in Christian life, and we must be on guard against it. Many who are suffering or have experienced great pain in the past, deprive themselves and others of the Truth necessary to live a prosperous and healthy life. They may not even be aware of it.
A minister like this will always be preaching against the sin of lust for wealth and blessings, but never that the Lord wants to bless you. There is a demonic spirit that wants you to suffer, and once you have, tries to forever deceive you from enjoying the blessings provided for you by Jesus in the New Covenant!

The best Bible example is John the Baptist. (Matthew 11:2-6) When he was arrested and imprisoned, he became deceived. His ministry was to proclaim that Jesus was the Messiah, the Savior of the world. But when the suffering of being captive began to overwhelm him,
he questioned everything. He did this publicly, sending word to Jesus through his own disciples. It was like John was saying, "If I have to be in prison, I don't want anyone else being free to minister"! John was deceived about the Truth, and now he didn't care who else was robbed of it. Think about who all John potentially hurt...

·  His own disciples - They were helping John proclaim Jesus. If Jesus isn't the
   Messiah, John's ministry is void, and so is theirs!

·  The disciples of Jesus - They might have been shaken themselves when
   John doubted.

·  The people who first heard John's witness

·  Those around Jesus when the message came from John

The lesson is this:  Don't let others' deception about blessing, rob you of yours. Likewise,
if you have experienced a lot of pain in your life, let Jesus heal you, and don't become a stumbling block to others being blessed.