Lifelines 2010

                                               Ogori Cafe


I recently read an article about this cafe in Kashiwa, Japan. You've probably never experienced anything like it. At least not on purpose. You walk up to the counter, order, and pay. Sounds simple enough, right?

What you are served is a surprise. It is whatever the person in line before you ordered and paid for! You're not allowed to discuss your order with the person in front or behind you. The employees will intervene. Everyone who eats there knows the rules. I wonder how this concept would play out for Christians in America?

·  Would you bless the person who was going to come behind you, every time,
    even though you didn't know who it was going to be?

·  Would you have faith enough in the seeds you had been sowing, to even
   eat there, if you were really hungry?

·  If you started feeling "ripped off" each time you visited, would anger take over
    and you start taking it out on the stranger who was going to come after you?

·  Isn't this a great way to practice life? Regardless of what is left for us, shouldn't
   we leave a blessing behind for others? Isn't that what we want done to us?