Lifelines 2010

                                           Mad at God?


Anger at God is more common than you might think. It is illogical, but common. I say that because being mad at someone implies the need to forgive them. To tell the Lord, "I forgive You", just doesn't sound right. It isn't. He doesn't need to be forgiven, because He perfectly loves us. Therefore, if we are angry at Him we have a distorted view of whatever is causing our anger.

Powerful men of God have been upset with Him. When John the Baptist was arrested during the ministry of Jesus, he questioned if the Lord was really the Messiah. Elijah was so overwhelmed with Jezebel's attempts to kill him, that he begged for God to take his life. Gideon was extremely frustrated with the Midianites laying siege to his nation. They regularly destroyed everything they owned, while it seemed God sat by and did nothing.

God did not kill these men for being mad at Him. He responded to their anger in the same way, tailoring it for each one's unique situation.

  Jesus response to John the Baptist's doubt was to quote a scripture
    out of Isaiah. (Matthew 11:2-6) Why? He wanted John to become
    spiritually minded again. John had learned everything he knew from
    the Scriptures, including his own identity. A simple "Yes" wouldn't be
    sufficient. Jesus made John do something.

  The Lord responded to Elijah's despair by sending an angel to feed him
    and then sending Elijah on a 40 day journey to Horeb, the mountain of
    of God. He made Elijah do something. (I Kings 19:1-8)

  An angel was sent to Gideon who called him a "valiant warrior". Gideon was
    then instructed to go lead an army of 300 unarmed men, against an enemy
    of thousands. God told Gideon to do something. (Judges 6:1-14) (Judges 7)

If you are angry at God today, it is in your best interest to let go of it. He is trying to help you do just that. Don't be surprised if you keep getting opportunities to do something for Him to get you back on your spiritual track.