Lifelines 2010

                                            Detoxing Your Christianity


Real life is informal. Weddings, funerals, and many Sunday morning church services are formal. But life, it is mostly a series of informal encounters with a little formality sprinkled in. It makes sense then, that living for God should be mostly informal too. However, we often leave it to the professionals to practice Christianity for us. We leave church feeling like we've been with God, unaware we have been embalmed with formality. But take note, mummies look the same for thousands of years, whether they have been fed or not. How do I know then if I have a living relationship with Christ, or if I am embalmed with toxic religious preservatives? What if my "Christian living" isn't alive at all?


THE WORD OF GOD.  It is easy to let the professional preacher, professionally  

       dressed, stand behind the professional pulpit, and deliver the formal sermon in  

       the formal service, at the regular scheduled time, and then feel like we have 

       heard from God. We actually could have, but it doesn't replace daily feeding   

       ourselves with the Scriptures, so that we can hear from Him in our everyday


    PRAYER.  Pray about everything. The Lord desires to fill you with joy by 
      answering your prayers! (John 16:23,24) Don't ask for what He has already given
      you in the New Covenant. For those things, just believe. For everything else,
      never turn down an opportunity to pray. Don't leave it to the pros.
      "Try this at home!"

    WORSHIP. This is a big one. Worship isn't listening to the church praise team 
       sing songs from your local Christian radio station before the Pastor speaks. It is
       presenting your (entire) body to God as a living sacrifice, refusing to be like the
       world.  (Romans 12:1,2)

If you discover you need to detox, just take a big drink of living water, with a heart that longs to know God. Then be ready.