Lifelines 2010


  Jesus founded the Church with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit around 30 AD.
   Miracles, wondrous signs, & transforming salvations were common. However,
   by 500 AD, the Dark Ages had begun. For 1000 years, the Miraculous,
   Spirit-filled Church of Jesus Christ, lay entombed within religious rituals and the
   traditions of men.

  In 1517, Martin Luther saw 95 unscriptural practices of the church that were   
   promoting its spiritual deadness. He nailed the list to the door of the church in
   Wittenberg, Germany in a desire for a public discussion. What resulted was not
   a simple public forum, but the Great Reformation and the beginning of the   
   Protestant Church. He unearthed the first of the long-buried truths: "We are
   saved by faith".

Since that day, one by one the lost truths of Jesus have been restored to the 
  Church: holiness, prayer, miracles, healing, worship & praise, the 5-fold ministry
  of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, & Teachers, and even more!

We are the first generation to live in the complete restoration of all that the early
  church had lost! Are we going to now live in what we know to be true? Are we
  going to bring in a great harvest through a 3rd reformation in which the Church  
  acts like the church again!?