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  • June 2010  (6/7/2010)
  • --What's New: See You Later, Alligator!
    --Developer's Corner: Clusters that Think
    --Continuing Education: No Alternative to Federated Search
  • April 2010  (5/2/2010)
  • --What's New: World Globetrotting
    --Insider's Perspective: Smart People Love Federated Search
    --Continuing Education: Meta Mystery
  • March 2010  (3/31/2010)
  • --What's New: Computers in Libraries Federated Search Contest
    --Just for Fun: Federated Search has Finally Arrived
    --Developer's Corner: Knob Twiddling and Product Design
  • February 2010  (2/26/2010)
  • --What's New: Partnership with SWETS
    --Continuing Education: Discovering Discovery Services
    --Developer's Corner: Thematically Speaking
  • January 2010  (1/29/2010)
  • --What's New: Webauth and LDAP
    --Continuing Education: SaaSy Federated Search
    --Spotlight: Stanford
  • December 2009  (12/21/2009)
  • --What's New?: EContent 100
    --Just For Fun: Twas the Night Before Christmas
    --Spotlight: Mednar
  • November 2009  (11/20/2009)
  • --What's New?: Federated Search Contest
    --Just For Fun: Dan Brown
    --Spotlight: Science Accelerator
  • Oct 2009  (10/30/2009)
  • --What's New?: ASIS&T Conference Poster Session
    --Continuing Ed:Is Speed Worth It? (Federated Search vs. Unified Index)
  • Sep 2009  (9/10/2009)
  • --What's New?: Multilingual Translation
    --Continuing Ed: "Next Generation" Federated Search
    --Spotlight: George Mason University
  • August 2009  (8/10/2009)
  • --What's New?: Integration with RefWorks Online
    --Continuing Ed: Strategic Uses for Federated Search Part 2
    --Spotlight: Named A Top 10 Government Site
  • July 2009  (7/6/2009)
  • --What's New?: Mastering Science Research at SLA
    --Continuing Ed: Strategic Uses for Federated Search Part 1
    --Spotlight: Innovative Deep Web Business Search
  • June 2009  (6/8/2009)
  • --What's New?: Search Builder
    --Continuing Ed: Federated Search: "Nice-to-Have" or "Must Have"?

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