Get your hair cut  and it could help save the Gulf!

400,000 pounds of hair have been shipped already!

 Your hair could be saving a turtle right now!
See how the process works and how you and your stylist can help!
matter of trust 
Click on the picture above to bring you to the most amazing video. Don't worry, it's not graphic, but it may bring a tear to your eye as you can watch how something so positive and uplifting can come out of something so terrible.
It's also worth listening to just for the very cool song by Paolo Coute, so make sure your volume is on!
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Q.What do they do with the hair?
Q.Are any big companies involved?
A. Hanes donated pantihose!
Q. Where can I get more information?
A. Matter of Trust website.
Q. Can I just make a donation and not cut my hair?
I am writing this special letter from my home in Venice Florida. I flew down here last night to offer our 2 car garage for storage for hair clippings. Yes, that's right. Hair clippings. I am a member of the organization Matter of Trust and they are cleaning up the gulf with booms and mats made out of..... you guessed it, HAIR! This is the most amazing story and as of right now over 400,000 pounds of hair has been shipped to storage spaces along the gulf. I had been planning a long weekend here anyway, but after receiving several emails from the organization I couldn't, in my right mind, be down here and not offer help. Florida is my second home and I care deeply about it. The national media is picking up on what Matter of Trust is doing and salons from all over the world are donating their hair clippings. People are volunteering to assemble the hairbooms and hairmats and they are calling the gatherings Boom B Q's and making it a party! It is truly amazing and makes me so proud to be part of this industry.
How can you help? Just forward this letter on to everyone you know and if you are not a client of ours - please tell your stylist and salon about this. Tell your dog groomer too as pet hair works as well! Thousands of salons are jumping on board every day and the momentum is unbelievable. Every box of hair counts. EVERY BOX! All the information is below
If you were planning a hair cut next week, bump it up to this week if you can, as our box goes out Thursday to our designated warehouse. But, don't worry- this will be an ongoing program! Your hair can help save the gulf! How cool is that?
Much love!
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 Most of us in the north have them and you may even be one of them. You know, Snow Birds! Our clients that travel down to the beautiful beach towns along the gulf coast to nest for the winter. They would be so proud to know that what you are doing is helping to care for their home away from home. and you would be proud too. The effort is almost minimal and so is the cost.
Please check out Matter of Trust for all the information!