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March 8, 2012
Contact:  Tamara Brister,
Marketing Manager
BioWorks Introduces the Next Generation of RootShield Biological Fungicide: RootShield PLUS+ 

Victor, New York  (March 8, 2012) - BioWorks is proud to announce the arrival of RootShield PLUS RootShield® PLUS+, the next generation of RootShield® Biological Fungicide. The product was granted EPA registration in February.


With two active ingredients: Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22, and Trichoderma virens strain G-41, RootShield PLUS+ now provides preventative control of soilborne Phytophthora, and improved control of hot-season Pythium (P. aphanidermatum). Just like RootShield, RootShield PLUS+ also controls Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium, Thielaviopsis and Cylindrocladium, by inhibiting and actively attacking pathogens; ensuring uninterrupted plant growth.


"RootShield PLUS+ provides the same strong root protection for 3 months per application, and expanded prevention of root disease including Phytophthora, a serious threat to many growers," says John Francis, BioWorks Director of Technical Services. "It is a very beneficial addition to our extended RootShield product line and still costs less than 2˘ per 6-inch pot."

RootShield PLUS+ is available in Granules and Wettable Powder formulations. RootShield PLUS+ Granules has a 0-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and 0-day Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI). RootShield PLUS+ WP has a 0-hour REI when drenched into potted crops and potting media, 4-hour REI when used as a dip or dust, and a 0-day PHI.


RootShield PLUS+ is awaiting state registration approvals. Visit for an updated listing of approved states and additional product information. OMRI submission is pending.

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