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OFA Short Course is just around the cornerBe sure to stop by and visit us at Booth # 2002. In addition, some of our very own BioWorks team members will be speaking at two of the educational sessions: Chris Hayes, PhD & Randy Martin PhD 

See you there!

Poinsettia Season is Here!

Caring for your poinsettia crop is no easy task. It's important to have protection at every stage of development including: Root Disease Control, Foliar Disease Control, Fungus Gnat Larval Control, and Insect Control. BioWorks offers a variety of biopesticide products that safely and effectively manage insects and foliar diseases common to poinsettia crops. To learn more, click here:
Poinsettia- Disease & Insect Management


poinsettia may

Raymond Cloyd of University of Illinois compiled an article analyzing his uses of pest controls which he has trialed included in the article are BioWorks products, SuffOil-X and  Molt-X. To read the entire "Pest Control Materials" article in GPN Magazine, click here.

Diversity is the Spice of Life

By Chris Hayes, Ph.D, Southeast Technical Sales Manager


GreenhouseAre you doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results? For years many growers have excelled at producing the same plants and making a profit. Those good times are gone. Today growers are cutting back on their "traditional" plants and looking for more unusual plants and markets where they can stay in the game and increase their profits. Essentially, growers are diversifying.


With diversity, new challenges arise.
As a grower you may be faced with new insect and pathogen issues. Having a diversity of tools available is helpful; having a diversity of safe and effective tools is preferred. Biological tools are safe and effective when used preventatively to manage insects and pathogens.


BioWorks offers a wide variety of living and non-living biologicals that "eat", "leak", "dry", "suffocate", or "interfere" in managing your insect and pathogen issues.


RootShield: Mycoparasitism- one organism "eats" the other


The beneficial fungus in RootShield® grows on the plant's roots and "eats" many different root rotting fungi before they can cause damage.  The beneficial fungus in BotaniGard® infects multiple types of insects by "eating" through or penetrating the insect's cuticle. The beneficial nematodes in NemaShield® & NemaShield® HB "eat" root-damaging soil insects in the larval stage. 


The beneficial bacterium in CEASE® forces both bacterial and fungal membranes to lose integrity, causing them to "leak" their contents and die.

MilStop® will "dry up" many types of foliar pathogens, stopping them from further growth.

SuffOil-X® "suffocates" both insects and pathogens.

Molt-X® "interferes" with the normal development of juvenile insects by interrupting the molting process.


Growers are diversifying to meet market needs, and (let's face it) to stay in business. BioWorks continues to work with growers to offer a diversity of safe and effective biological products to meet many different insect and pathogen control needs. Most BioWorks products are OMRI listed, and all have low REIs. To find out more about the BioWorks family of products, click here


Fruit & Veggie Corner:  
Battling the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

By Randy Martin, Ph.D, Product Development Manager, Insect and Pest Management 


Stink Bug

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is on the move! This invasive insect was accidentally introduced into the United States in the late 1990s and is spreading quickly. The insect feeds on a wide variety of host plants including fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. Growers face potentially serious crop damage unless they get this pest under control.


What can you do? 

Stink bug nymphs are vulnerable to horticultural spray oil. SuffOil-X is an excellent horticultural oil for use in the fight against the stink bug. 


Stink Bugs: What Vegetables Don't they Like? - 
Baltimore Sun  

Growing Produce Video: Identification and damage of the brown marmorated stink bug.


Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Factsheet - Penn State University College of Agricultural Science 


New York Braces for Stink Bug Invasion - American Vegetable Grower


BioWorks Experts to Speak at OFA Short Course

OFA Short Course

July 9-12

OFABioWorks is pleased to announce that our own Drs. Chris Hayes and Randy Martin have been invited to present at the 2011 OFA Short Course:


Chris Hayes, Ph.D.

Mycorrhizal & Beneficial Microbes in Your Potting Mix - Chris Hayes, Ph.D., of BioWorks will join Rick Vetanovetz and Michelle Miller of Sun Gro in this presentation.
July 11, 9:15


Randy MartinBiological Control Programs: Learn from Our Experiences  - Randy Martin, Ph.D. (BioWorks) will join Lloyd Traven (Peace Tree Farms), Ronald Valentin (Biobest Biological Systems) and Roger McGaughey (Michael's Greenhouses) to share manufacturer and end-user experience with biolgoical control products. July 11, 2:30   


DON'T MISS THEM!  Visit OFA to Register


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