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NEW! Portable FID

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From PID's to portable GC's and Beyond
                         August 2012 

I'm back from the Fall National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia and preparing for my next big meeting: the Northeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society next month in Rochester, NY (NERM) where I will be presiding over the Small Chemical Businesses day long symposium that I organized. So besides being named in the top 10 tweeters at #ACSPhilly, having my picture taken with famous chemists, attending committee meetings and giving presentations (links to the presentations are below) I also experienced the task of *live tweeting* coverage of events-for accounts that I admin. Another cool skill I can add to my social media repertoire.  After attending ACSPhilly, I  realized that I need a Tumblr. So now I have one. You can check it out here.
New Product: Model 115 FID
We've got a new FID on the market which utilizes HNU's unique FID design, state-of-the-art electronics
and microprocessor control ensures the most
accurate results for VOC measurements.
HNU's unique automatic zero with zero gas provides a
reliable calibration point so that when calibrated with
a span gas, this is a two point calibration.
Easy to Maintain
HNU's new DuracleanTMFID is more inert and will run
for longer periods without the need for cleaning the
FID head or the ion chamber 
Product Brochure is available here. 
Request a quotation here.

Wireless indoor air quality monitoring in classrooms and labs-
this presentation was chosen by the ACS Pressroom and sent out as a press release on 8/22/12 and picked up by hundreds of news agencies worldwide

Monitoring and identification of hazardous air pollutants by fast capillary GC
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