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 The Bay Area Meets China 2.0



Venture Speakers:

Alex Hartigan, Steamboat Ventures
Richard Liu, Morningside Ventures
Hans Tung, Qiming Ventures
Jenny Lee, GGV Capital
David Chen, AngelVest
Star Entrepreneurs:
David Li,
Feng Hao, Xiaomi
Joseph Chan, Sidley
Daniel Quon, Silicon Valley Bank
MC: Rebecca Fannin


Rebecca at Yangpu venue
Silicon Dragon at Shanghai's new tech hub


WHEN: September 13, 4-9pm
Tech Chats, Venture Panel,
Q&A, Networking, Cocktail Reception


WHERE: Shanghai's New Tech Hub:

Knowledge Innovation Center

Yangpu District


Sponsored by

 Sidley Austin, KPMG, 
DCM, Silicon Valley Bank

Marketing & Media Partners:
AngelVest/AAMA, Startup Digest,, MobileMonday Shanghai


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Silicon Dragon Beijing 2012

May 31

The Rise of the Serial Entrepreneur in China

Venture Pulse:

Xing Liu, Sequoia Capital China

Raymond Oh, Sidley Austin

Zhang Zheng, Jade Invest

Chris Evdemon, Innovation Workds

Tech chats: Andy Tian, Zynga China with

Yeeli Zhang, NASDAQ OMX

Pat Chan, Borqs with David Xu, KPMG

Silicon Dragon Entrepreneur of Beijing Award: 

Pat Chan, Borqs

See News of Award 

Silicon Dragon Beijing serial entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneurs Luo Chuan, Tong Li, Frang Yu, Derek Ling with

'Silicon Dragon'



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 TechConnect World, ZPark China DingDing.TV

Silicon Valley

June 21

See DingDingTV video



ZPark event
'Silicon Dragon' with Jack Jia of Baynote, Kan XH Guan of Founder International, Randy Jones of Keiretsu Forum and Diana Ding


KPMG Tech Innovation Center

launch event 

Survey results of nearly 700 tech execs globally 

Silicon Valley  

June 27


Intel Capital reception 

June 11

Silicon Valley

Intel Capital CEO Arvind Sodhani at Palo Alto reception for VCs and technology executives


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Gender Gap Narrows At China VC Firms, Where Are The Women On Sand Hill Road?

Ruby Lu of venture firm DCM
VC Ruby Lu of DCM

All the focus on the Ellen Pao lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins for sexual discrimination aside, it's fair to say that women fare better at venture capital firms in China than those on Sand Hill Road.

Women partners at China venture offices - and to some degree India too - are getting ahead faster and in greater numbers.

   Anyone who travels in venture circles globally knows that men way outnumber women in this profession. In Silicon Valley, golf, private clubs and classmate connections from Stanford and Berkeley - and even high school - have contributed to this imbalance.

  My tally below shows that China-based venture firms have 13 women venture partners while U.S.-based offices have 16 female venture investment partners, including junior partners. With a few notable exceptions, most venture firms in the U.S. have no women partners.

   See my post at Women at China VC firms rule


Fast Track To Shanghai on China's New Rails
high-speed train in China
Shanghai, here we go!

 I recently took the high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai and was surprised by how comfortable and enjoyable this trip of only five hours was. 

 Though traveling at 186 miles per hour, it's a bit like floating. You can barely feel the train moving, though the rapidly changing scenery outside the window is one sign that the train is speeding ahead.
 Travelers to China - both tourists and business executives - often go to both of these cities, which are about the same distance apart as Chicago and New York City. That's about twice as long as the much-debated Los Angeles-San Francisco corridor.
my double seat in 1st class
My first-class seat aboard, plenty of room!


For anyone making a China trek soon, be sure you try out China's newest high-speed train. It surely beats flying, and takes about the same amount of time once you factor in security checks and getting to/from the airport.


I bought a first-class ticket for RMB 950 ($150). See Huffington Post: Take the Fast Track to Shanghai.



 VC Tech Pulse


China Tops U.S. in Fund Raising 



                   $ Invested                      $ Raised           

CHINA             $5.9B                            $28.8B   

U.S.                $32.6B                           $18.1B     

Source: Dow Jones VentureSource, 2011


China/U.S. Tech IPOs

              2010            2011                  2012


CHINA           $16,288          $ 7,858                  $ 2,188

U.S.              $6,259            $12,197                 $18,961

Source: NVCA, Dow Jones VentureSource 



Startup Asia investor GSR Ventures Leads Gamble on Big Tech China Silicon Asia at 


More Valley, less silicon. Is China's dragon about to roar? VentureBeat   You might guess that 'Silicon Dragon' is playing an edit role with KPMG's new Tech Innovation Center. Watch for the study and report. 


China  ED maker Lattice Power scales up mass production to offer low-cost alternative to standard light bulb. Lattice Power was one of the statups featured in my first book, Silicon Dragon. GSR's Sonny Wu has been driving the company forward. See MarketWire.


Lashou cancels IPO plan. Lots of PE funds with money locked up in China with no exit. IPO market is dead. Technode



Flipboard in China Brings New Access to Twitter in China @klukoff  The Next Web


Did Groupon Value Its China JV Gaopeng at $500m in July?  $grpn valued it at $500m a year ago. @nuibi DigiCha


Read about search engines that (in China) are like broken soda machines that only give you Fresca. @davesgonechina

NYT's Chinese Weibo account has been reinstated after briefly being sent to the corner to reflect @gadyepstein Weibo    

Interesting! Just when I've just returned from CHENGDU!
Ctrip Writing Contest: My Chengdu Story
Look for my write-up soon, including bamboo, pandas and tech parks galore



Chinese phone maker Xiaomi raises $216 million in Series C deal. Morningside, Qiming and IDG are main investors. TechNode
Xiaomi co-founder and his VC will be speaking at our Siicon Dragon Shanghai event Sept. 13.  


GroupOn China venture to merge with Tencent-backed Ftuan. Bloomberg



Lightspeed Venture Partners closes in on $123 million for new China fund.




Silicon Dragon

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 Oct. 3, 2012  

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Tech Innovation Future: China On Par With Silicon Valley

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David Chen, Founder and CEO of NASDAQ-listed Chinese outsourcing services firm VanceInfo

Luo Chuan, CEO of mobile app startup AppChina, former CEO of MySpace China

Brad Bao, General Manager US, Tencent

Porter Erisman, Director, Crocodile in the Yangtze, former Vice President, Alibaba

Feng Deng, Founding, Managing Director, Northern Light VC  (founder of NetScreen Technologies, acquired by Juniper Networks for $4.2 billion in 2004)

Dixon Doll, Co-Founder and General Partner, DCM

Chuck Comey, Partner, Morrison & Foerster

Bill Tai, Partner, Charles River Networks, and chairman, Chinese Internet startup Maxthon

Stuart Schonberger*, Managing Director, CDH Investments




November 14, 2012  Hong Kong 


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